Unspoken pain

The party was roaring,
Drinks were flowing,
People were enjoying,
Dancing and chatting,
And the music was blaring.

The couple entered the hall,
All eyes flew to them,
They made a handsome pair,
He in a black suit and tie,
She decked in a mod mini.

“Oh dear! You look soooooo good!,”
Many complimented her,
“So different from your daily garb,
You look so sexy!”

She just smiled,
Said nothing at all,
Looking at the gleam of admiration
In her husband’s eyes.

She went to the washroom
Under the pretext
Of refreshing her lipstick,
Or, maybe, to cry.

She looked in the mirror,
A cold, made-up lady stared back at her,
It was not herself,
She felt.

She took in her attire,
Tight, low-cut top and clinging skirt,
Her long, glossy mane reduced to a layered cut,
And she cringed.

But, she chided herself,
She would say nothing to him,
She would just ‘enjoy’ the party as best she could,
And leave it at that.

If it made him happy,
She was happy too,
She would do as he wished,
Just as she did every other day,
Even if a part of her died every day.



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2 responses to “Unspoken pain

  1. Sathej

    Oh!But a lady needn’t be like this at all!Touching indeed!

  2. Priya Iyer

    thanks 🙂

    yep, a lady needn’t be like this! but sometimes she has to be! 🙂

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