Will you be mine?

Come rain, come sunshine,
Will you be by my side?
Come laughter or sorrow,
Will you hold my hand?
Will you step into my life
Just as you’ve stepped
Into my heart,
And left your footprints forever?
Will you be mine
And take me to be thine?
Will you be the answer
To my prayers?
Will you be my light
At the end of the dark tunnel?
Will you be the one
I can come home to?
Will you make my life more meaningful
Just by being in it?
Will you take me in your arms
And make the world drop away?
Will you be my soulmate
Forever and some more?



Filed under Love, My poems

2 responses to “Will you be mine?

  1. Touching one.

    //Will you be the one
    I can come home to?//

    How true? We all need that. A friend who stands by in trials and doesn’t turn away.


  2. priyaiyer


    danke. yep, we all need the one who comes in when the world goes out on us..

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