Magic cuppa

Traffic jams, pollution, financial problems, pressure from spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend, pressure from parents, peer pressure…….phew! With all this weighing atop your head, you reach office. Just to find that you are 15 minutes late. The boss says nothing, but throws a suggestive glance at his wristwatch and raises a questioning eyebrow. “Sorry sir! Got caught in the traffic. It won’t happen again!,” you say and head towards your cubicle. You switch on your P.C., just to find that there is some technical fault and it will take a few minutes to repair. Exasperated, you bang your fist on your desk and sit down in your chair with your head in your hands.

Then the magic happens. The office boy comes in with your morning coffee mug. He sets it down on the table. The smell of fresh coffee relaxes you, invigorates you and eases your tensed muscles. Sip by sip, the magic elixir enters your system and revitalises you. You feel energised and refreshed now. You feel ready to take on teh world. A grumpy boss, your personal problems, bickering coworkers, a bad-tempered client, unbendable deadlines, that do-or-die meeting – you feel you can do it all now.

Strange, the way that little cuppa works from your tastebuds to your mind and entire being.

Feeling ill-tempered today? Subah coffee nahi pee kya? So grab your cup and get ready to face the day ahead and make the most of it.


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