Waiting for the rain

I was looking out my window,
Having little else to do,
I gazed down at the earth
Dry and parched,
Like a dry throat,
Cracked it was,
The glaring sun rays had made it so,
The leaves on the trees
All dried up,
Nobody in sight,
With the heat at its best,
As I watched on,
Clouds gathered in the sky,
Light changed to darkness,
And a drizzle began,
With the heady smell of the earth
Filling my senses,
The rain grew to a steady downpour,
And I observed
The plants danced with joy,
Looking green and lush,
The earth looked beautiful,
Like a bride on her wedding day,
Replenished, fulfilled, satisfied,
Its quest ultimately rewarded,
Like the earth I go on,
Waiting for the rain to come someday,
That day my quest will end.


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