Ask and ye shall get

I was surfing the net earlier today when I came across this article.

This article really set me thinking. How many things in life do people compromise with just because they don’t ask for something better? I have seen some people go through great dissatisfaction, doubts and troubles, be it in their personal relationships or at their workplace, but they just don’t ask for help. That’s a real tragedy, I feel. These people know that they deserve better, they also know they should ask someone about their situation, they even have easy access to the person who can put them out of their grief, but they still don’t ask! Ego, shyness or the how-dumb-will-I-look-if-I-ask or how-will-he/she-be-able-to-solve-my-problem attitude comes in the way.

Most of the times when I feel stuck, I don’t hesitate asking the concerned person for help. I have always been asking questions – in my school life, in college and even at work. But I have always ensured that I ask the right person. Asking the wrong person for help can do more harm than good. In 99% of my experiences, I have found the people I asked more than happy to help because they found that I had a genuine reason to ask. And I have been appreciated because of my frank questions. Instead of not asking anyone and stewing inside, I feel better when I ask for guidance. I might receive it, I might not – that depends on the other person. But when I ask, I feel satisfied that I atleast put in an effort to improve my situation. Most of the times, help has been easier to get than I expected.

In my last job, I was feeling a bit dissatisfied. I talked to my boss about it, and I got a better job profile. A few months later, I felt I deserved a raise and I discussed it with him. I got the raise. I guess people get interested in helping you if they find that you are determined and interested in improving your situation.

The same is the case when I pray to God. I always say, “Dear God, I want this. I am going to work for it. If you feel I deserve it, please guide me in getting it.” And He has always held my hand and guided me.

This is something I have always believed in:
“Seek, and ye shall find;
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”



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2 responses to “Ask and ye shall get

  1. Brinda

    Rightly said.That has been my experience too.

  2. Priya Iyer

    thanks a lot for dropping in 🙂

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