Its Saturday again!

It is the fun time of the week again! It is Saturday once more! πŸ™‚

I have always loved Saturdays. Saturdays have always signified a change from the normal routine. Every day, school started at 7 in the morning and on Saturdays, it would start in the afternoon at 12.30. College would begin every day at 12.30 noon and Saturdays would mean morning college. In school days, Saturday would also mean a movie on Doordarshan at night. At my previous office, Saturdays would mean ‘casual day’. Colourful and funky dresses could be seen on Saturdays, breaking the monotony of dull-colored work clothes the whole week. My present job offers me a half working day on Saturday. So Saturdays have always been special.

Saturday – the day of Lord Hanuman. I love going to the nearby Hanuman temple on a Saturday to see the huge idol of Lord Hanuman decked in brightly colored clothes and adorned beautifully with large garlands of ‘yerkampu’. On Saturdays, the idol has a special aura of power and beauty around it.

On Saturdays, I have observed that people everywhere are usually more relaxed, more happy. Looking forward to the Sunday ahead makes Saturday an even more special day. That is the ‘funnest’ part of Saturday. You can enjoy the day and still have the next day to enjoy more! You know, it is like relishing your last piece of sinfully chocolate-ey, yummy cake, just to remember that you still have one more piece left.

Love ya, Saturday! Come again soon! πŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Its Saturday again!

  1. ‘funniest’ part about saturdays…So true! πŸ™‚

  2. priyaiyer



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