Public moments

He loved her dearly,
She loved him, that he knew,
He thought of asking her
To be his forever,
He took her
To their favourite restaurant,
There they sat in the open air,
Under the stars and moonlight,
He gave her the beautiful rosebud
That lay amidst the tall glass vase
On the pinewood table,
He looked at her longingly,
Took her hands in his,
With a flourish
He took out the ring
From the suit pocket,
And said in a soulful voice,
“I love you, sweetheart,
Will you be my wife?”,
She gazed at him dumbstruck,
Then had tears in her eyes,
“Yes, I will,” she said,
“I would be honoured to,”
Suddenly cameras clicked
And recorders and mikes appeared,
“Sir, when did you know
You loved her?”
“Ma’am, how does it feel,
Just being proposed to?”
He winced, “Not again, not now,”
But couldn’t do anything,
After all, he was a celebrity.



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2 responses to “Public moments

  1. priyaiyer


    this was written in the aftermath of the ash-abhi wedding. 🙂

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