The bride-to-be

She has given her heart and soul,
She has given her word to him,
She is going to give herself,
As she awaits the day
When her hand would be entrusted to him,
She has a wondrous journey into herself,
She is filled with conflicting emotions,
She is not afraid of commitments,
She is sure she’ll keep them,
She just hopes he values her little sacrifices,
She hopes he would keep his promises to her,
She knows he also is changing,
He has to play a different role now,
But as she goes through this new journey,
She just hopes he would always hold her hand,
She knows he has to toil hard to earn his bread,
But wishes he would always be there when she needs him,
She wishes he would love her long and true,
And hold her always in his heart,
She hopes he would always trust her,
And respect her will and wish,
The same way
She would do for him,
She hopes he would accept her
For what she is,
She hopes she would be able to overlook
His minor flaws, and he, hers.
She hopes he would hold her so close
She would never be able to see pain or misery,
She knows life is not a bed of roses,
There is still a long, long way to go,
She knows it is not a never-ending romance,
But she still wishes they always
Live happily ever after.


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One response to “The bride-to-be

  1. Sweet.. to read this after a long time..


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