Mr. Perfection?

I am a voracious reader of romance novels. I love reading Mills & Boons and have been doing so since I was old enough to understand them.

The fluttering sensation that the heroine feels while meeting the hero for the first time, a tall, robust hero going down on his knees to propose to his beloved, the sweet little things that both say and do to express their love for each other – all this fascinates me to no end.

The heroes in these novels are depicted as the most eligible bachelors. (The heroines too, but I am expressing my view point.) They are well-to-do and are devilishly handsome too. Apart from being immensely successful in their careers, they have gem-like qualities.

The hero is shown to be so understanding that he does not mind cooking for his lady or helping her in cleaning out her apartment. He does not care about what the society says. He would even risk his life to defend the lady’s honour. He endearingly breaks down into tears at the thought of her leaving him.

He charms not only the socks off the heroine’s feet, but is also charming with her friends. He is excellent with her pet too.

He does not have second thoughts about going off in the midst of an important business meeting to be with his beloved on an impulse. He knows just how to sweep her off her feet at that dance. He knows just the sweet nothing to whisper into her ear to make her blush and come into his arms.

These stories sometimes make me wonder – are such men for real? The very epitome of perfection? Can life be so very perfect? Wish it could be so……..


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