It’s all in the mind



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4 responses to “It’s all in the mind

  1. badari narayanan

    Possible to change our nature? Difficult and will end up being not at ease. One may give up/modify a trait or two. Especially in a tight corner, one would tend to revert to the original nature. Changes in behaviour are not only difficult but may be sometimes not desirable!

  2. Priya Iyer


    thanks for the comment.:-)

    i think it is possible to change our nature. it is a very difficult task, however, and cannot happen overnight. but it is possible if one sets one’s mind to it. i have seen people whose nature has changed over time. i myself have changed a lot over the years. if you change your habits conciously, unconciously you change your nature… you should have firm determination to change yourself and believe that you can do it..that is the prerequisite.

  3. Nithya

    I actually agree with Badri…It’s possible for you to change a trait or two, not your entire character as a whole…Why do we actually need to change for the others around us ? If there is a blemish in us, then, yes, we do have to ‘flex’ our character a little bit, inorder to adapt ourselves to that particular situation…But changing our entire character, our entire nature is practically not possible…The black dots in our character should be wiped out from the roots…THere’s a difference between ‘wiping out a bad trait’ and ‘changing our inherent traits’

    We ourselves, would’ve stretched our character, at some point in time, to suit the others’ liking…That doesn’t mean we have changed our basic qualities, does it ?

  4. Priya Iyer


    i think i understand what you want to say.i meant the same. there is no need for us to change in order to satisfy others. but if you feel that you need to change, that it would be good for you, you can do it….well, maybe a 100% change is not possible, but you can change a lot, for your own good….

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