Silence stretches
Like an ocean
Between us,
Unspoken words
Hang heavy in the air,
The chasm widening
Between our hearts,
The priceless bond
We once shared
Dying a sad death.

Once upon a time
Long, long ago,
We could converse
In silence,
Words not being required
In our midst,
Now we have changed
And it is so
That we cannot understand
Each other’s words.

Something, somewhere
Changed at some time
Amid us,
We became two
Different souls,
What? Why? When? How?
I cannot put
My finger on it,
What I know is
We slowly drifted apart.

But still I think
WE stand a chance,
Can’t we meet again
As strangers
And start afresh?
Can’t we again be
Two bodies and one soul?
Can’t we build a bridge
And close the gulf
Between you and me?

Can’t we again
Become comfortable
With silence between us?



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4 responses to “Silence

  1. prabukarthik

    As i said earlier, poetry is not my cup of tea, but still this one struck a chord..
    Excellent piece, keep it up!

  2. Priya Iyer


    thanks a lot:-) keep visiting!

  3. Nithya

    I am reminded of the classic “Scarlet Pimpernel”….There is this particular chapter called “The Secret orchard”, in which the brother and sister, have so much to convey, yet there lies a secret orchard in each one of their hearts, a place where the other doesn’t dare enter…

    Beautiful one there 🙂

  4. Priya Iyer



    though i haven’t read ‘scarlet pimpernel’, i have heard a lot about it. wanna read it!

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