The journey of life

I am embarking
On a journey,
Life it is called.

I know the route is long and tough,
But there are sweet-smelling flowers too
On the way.

I take with me some companions,
Faith and Hope and Courage,
To help me tread my path.

There are milestones on the way
That I have to cross,
Knowledge, Success, Fame and the like.

I’ll need to keep up
With my fellow travelers,
Who tread the same path as I.

‘Tis a long path that I intend to trudge,
With hills and rivers and seas en route,
But I cannot stop
Until I reach my final destination.



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6 responses to “The journey of life

  1. Nithya

    We know not
    what the final destination is
    where it lies
    or what it has
    in store for us

    We know not
    whether we would make it
    there or not
    whether we would reach there
    alone or accompanied

    We know not
    what this journey has
    in store for us
    what it has to offer us
    what it has to take from us

    All we know
    is that there is a Purpose,
    a purpose, upon fulfilling which
    will we end this journey
    on a happier note

  2. badari narayanan

    Extremely good, as usual. Sometimes, it is a pity that circumstances do not bring together many who share similar dreams. The ‘fellow travelers’ with whom we journey is usually a very small circle, a foible of our own making.

  3. Priya Iyer

    wow! that was beautiful!:-)

    the final destination that i was referring to is death, that is inevitable for each one of us. till then, we must trudge the path of life!


    thanks a lot:-)yes, it is a great pity indeed that life sometimes throws together completely different people and does not bring together people who share similar traits and dreams. but that is life!

    by the way, do you write too? please reveal your identity.:-)

  4. Anonymous

    hi well drafted and connects to neone.


  5. Pooja

    well drafted and its connects to neone

  6. Priya Iyer


    thanks:-) keep visiting!

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