I was a little girl once

Who believed in fairies

And guardian angels and Santa Claus,

I was a little girl once

Who believed the world was all

Chocolates and cakes and candy floss,

I was a little girl once

Who believed that everything

Could be set right with a hug and a kiss,

I was a little girl once

Who believed that pain

Was scraping your knee when playing,

I was a little girl once

Who believed that sadness could be cured

With a new doll or an icecream,

I was a little girl once

Who believed that nightmares vanish

With the light of day,

I was a little girl once

Who believed that every one

Who came to play was a best friend,

I was a little girl once

And I wish I could go back

To being that little girl once again….



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7 responses to “Innocence

  1. badari narayanan

    In many a blogs, i detect a tone of melancholy and a leaning towards pathos. I would be glad to see a conscious effort to avoid this. After all, all our emotions are only what we ourselves want to feel. There is neither real pleasure or pain. Our heart merely feels what our head tells it to feel.

    badari narayanan is a Chennai based civil engineer doing Ph.D. and interested in design of bridges. He is too lazy to be a writer but reads greedily everything in print (as long as it does not involve any thinking on his part). He can be found in rediffmail under the moniker of badvt. Interests include playing drums (average) and reading novels (online ones included)

  2. Nithya

    Growing up is soooooooo bad 😦 I hate growing up..Wish I could go bak to those times, when I and the others around me were naive and innocent and the world was much sweeter 😦

  3. Priya Iyer

    good to know your interests:-)

    there are some moments in life when you can’t help getting sad. and at those times, tools like blogging come in handy.:-)it is good to vent your sadness/loneliness in the ways you best express yourself.


    hey, growing up is not that bad:-)but those days were sure special:-)

  4. badari narayanan

    I continue to stick to my stand – problems we face now and feel bad about, we will be laughing at in the near future. We need to keep telling ourselves that we are happy. There are very few reasons not to feel happy.

  5. Priya Iyer


    you are right…today’s problems may not seem problems at all tomorrow. but giving vent to your frustration that you feel at present helps you in relaxing and focusing on the solution. crying over problems does not solve them, of course, but expressing yourself does help a great deal…

  6. Shilpi

    hey i dont wanna be a LITTLE GAL again ….coz i dont remember how my life was “WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL”
    😉 kidding……..its really a good one ….very touchy

  7. Priya Iyer


    thanks a lot:-) keep visiting!

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