Super boss

Mr. Sudhanshu Pandey – the head of the sales department- was having a meeting with his sales executives. He was quite a tough taskmaster and the execs under him were scared.

SP- So, how far have you achieved the target for the month, Ravi?
Ravi- Boss, closed a deal for 250000 yesterday. Still 500000 to go..
SP- 500000? And it is already the 25th. What did you do the whole month?
Ravi- Boss..
SP- I don’t want to listen to any excuses. I want the target achieved by the 28th.
Ravi- But boss..
SP- NO EXCUSES, I said. Work overtime if you have to, but it should be done by the 28th.
Ravi- Yes boss..
SP- That’s good.. What about you, Tejas?
Tejas- 150000 to go boss..
SP- Hmm, I want it done by tomorrow evening.
Tejas-Boss, tomorrow? I wanted to take a leave tomorrow, boss. Remember, I talked to you about it? It is my wife’s birthday.
SP- First things first, Tejas. Work should be your top priority.
Tejas- Boss..
SP- I cant help it, Tejas. I want it done by tomorrow.
Tejas- Ok boss..
SP- That’s better. Shripal, is your sales report for the month ready?
Shripal- No boss, it will be ready by tomorrow evening.
SP- I want it on my table in an hour.
Shripal- In an hour, boss? Gimme some time…
SP- I don’t like repeating myself….I want it ready in one hour.
Shripal- Yes boss…

At this moment, SP’s cellphone rings. He looks at the number. Its Super Boss calling. He immediately gets up and rushes out of his cabin, shouting ‘Guys, meeting dispersed’ after him.

Outside the cabin:

SP- Hi darling!
Super Boss-**&&$$##
SP- What?
Super Boss- ^^&&##*
SP- Sorry darling, I forgot. There is so much pressure at office.
Super Boss- !!$$**&&*
SP- Sorry dear, really sorry.
Super Boss- *&&^^%%
SP- Now? You want it now?
Super Boss- $$%^^**
SP- Darling, I’m in office, in the middle of a meeting.
Super Boss – **##**&&$
SP- Ok, I’m coming
Super Boss- %%$$$((##
SP- Coming, coming, just gimme 5 minutes…

SP goes back into the cabin, where the execs are still sitting and discussing what to do.

SP-‘Guys, received an urgent call. Have to leave now. Remember what we discussed in the meeting, ok?”



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20 responses to “Super boss

  1. Ryan.A.Nash

    Boss can never have the same rules.NO… no..

    I got a ppt once…corporate lessons…in case u dont have it (I doubt it) temme and ill mail it…hows ur boss btw???

  2. Nithya

    I second Sharan 😐

    These Boss fellows are sooooooooo selfish…They never practice what they preach…

  3. Prashanth

    ha! funny and telling. good read.

  4. Priya Iyer


    me thinks u didn’t get who ‘super boss’ actually is! 😦 it is not about the corporate world at all!

    no, i dont have that forward! pls pls pls pls pls gimme….

    btw, i am one of the lucky few who have a great boss, i mean a really great one…very friendly, kind, jovial and understanding! not like a boss at all!:-) (touchwood)


    hey, i think you too didn’t get who ‘super boss’ is! 😦 and not all bosses are bad!


    thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. welcome! do visit again!:-)

  5. Ryan.A.Nash

    yea of course i got who thw superboss is!!!!

    Im 18!!NOt dumb!! 😛
    yea ill mail it to you

  6. Ryan.A.Nash

    my email Id is

    Send me a test msg so i can get urs..then ill fwd that

  7. Priya Iyer


    done boss!:-)

    sorry, cool it!:-)

  8. Sathej

    Super boss is always right,isn’t it?

  9. Priya Iyer


    yep, super boss is always right..remember that ALWAYS..:-))

  10. Sathej

    Oh!A warning of sorts,I presume?

  11. Priya Iyer


    yup, it is…if you want to be happy in life, you’d better learn this…:-))

  12. Sathej

    Advice well taken!But,I guess the other side also has to note it,isn’t it?

  13. Priya Iyer


    note what???

  14. Sathej

    Note the same point you have raised.Wouldn’t there be peace if each one thinks that the other is always right?

  15. Priya Iyer


    that is very philosophical!!! 🙂

    the point i have raised in this post is ‘your wife/the lady in your life is always right’…

  16. Sathej

    What Manuchukkungo and all?You are way more experienced in these issues,I suppose, than me.So, no need for any apologies and all.I accept your suggestion,anyway!Sathej


  17. Sathej

    I understand!But,your point is a huge generalization isn’t it?No one is ALWAYS right.To be happy,each has to understand the other and learn to accept mistakes.Your point is well taken,though!

  18. Priya Iyer


    yeah, yeah…you are right…:-)


  19. shweta

    i cud note tht lesser the work is pendimg lesser the time he gave them to accomplish d task………so arent the team so clever tht they can say tht we have more work left,so they have much more time to complete d same….What Say????

    But i like wht all u observe

    u rock Priya 🙂

    he he.. probably they were not so clever!!! 🙂 thanks, ma’am! 🙂 u keep me inspired…

  20. Hmm..good to re-read this after quite some time 🙂

    🙂 🙂

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