The fox and the grapes

We have all heard of the story of the fox and the grapes. I have tried to modify the original story a bit, in the light of the changing scenario in the modern times…Here it is:

Once upon a time, in a certain land, there lived a fox. The fox was known to be very cunning and intelligent. Whatever question was put before him, he would always have an answer.

Now, this cunning fox was passing through a vineyard one day. He saw fresh grapes hanging from a vine. The smell of ripe grapes filled his senses and his mouth started watering. The fox was hungry too. He looked around, but the owner of the vineyard was nowhere to be seen. He decided to have his fill of the ripe, juicy grapes.

The grapes were hanging at a great distance above the fox. He got up on his hind feet and tried to reach for the grapes, but could not. The distance was too great. He tried jumping up and reaching for the fruit, but all in vain.

After several such attempts, the fox finally got tired. He sat down on the ground to rest for a while. He was suddenly reminded of his great grandfather, who had been put in a similar situation years ago. Grandpa Fox had also tried to reach for a bunch of grapes in a vineyard, but had been unsuccessful in doing so. Ultimately, after many futile attempts, he had gone on his way, consoling himself that the grapes would have been sour anyway.

Our Mr. Fox thought, “The grapes might be sour, but maybe they are very sweet. They do smell ripe and juicy. How can I know unless I taste them? I will not give up the way Grandpa did. I have to think of a way to reach them.”

He started racking his brains for a way to eat the grapes. Finally he hit upon an idea. He called to his wife, and Mrs. Fox soon came there trotting.

He asked his wife, “Dear, would you like to have some fresh, juicy grapes?”

Mrs. Fox replied, “Hmmmm….. How nice that would be! I would love that.”

Mr. Fox said, “See those grapes hanging from that vine?” He pointed to them and his wife nodded. “I need your help in getting them. I will lift you on my shoulders and you get them. Then we can have them together.”

Mrs. Fox was only too happy to help her husband. He lifted her up and she grabbed the bunch of grapes. Then he gently put her down on the ground.

Both of them had their fill of the grapes. And, just as he had thought, the fruit was very sweet and juicy.

The husband and wife went back home satisfied and happy. Mr. Fox was very happy that he had not admitted defeat like his great grandfather had and had found a way to deal with the problem.



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7 responses to “The fox and the grapes

  1. Prashanth

    Mmmmmm. This fable is so sweet, well rounded. Am sure it will appeal to children, Priya. Btw, my sis is 30, but lucky to have her imagination preserved… 😛 she hates reading.

  2. Ryan.A.Nash

    so nowadays everything ends happily ever after eh??

    btw happy 75 posts (if u go at this speed) coz i wont be here for 10 days….goin on vacation!!

    anyway tata…happy bloggin!!

  3. Priya Iyer


    thanks a lot! your sister sure has a great imagination!!:-)


    yeah, thanks for the wishes…enjoy urself!!:-)

  4. Nithya

    Imbuing Optimism into ppl’s hearts eh ?? “Never-day-die” attitude…Cool 😛

  5. Priya Iyer


    he he he

    just tried to create something different! didn’t think today’s kid would buy the ‘grapes are sour’ philosophy! 🙂

  6. Sathej

    Today’s kids would never bu that,yes.A simple change in the fable but well written.

  7. Priya Iyer



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