Me and appa

Dear Appa,

They say daughters are special to their fathers and sons are special to their mothers. I think this is true. You and I have shared a special bond, something which cannot be explained in words. You know what I want before I say anything and I know exactly what you are thinking, even if you don’t say so.

People say my features are like you. I have got my gift of a strong intuition from you. Both of us are very similar in several aspects.

You have always been there to say a kind word, to lend a helping hand or to give me a shoulder to cry on. I know I always have your support in whatever rightful thing I do. Your steady hand was always there for me to hold when I was off-balance.

You ensured that I got good education. You ensured that I inculcated the habit of reading.

The things that you have done for our family are priceless. I cannot even begin to count the number of sacrifices you have made for the family’s betterment.

You have never told us outright that you care, but I know you do. A great deal. Your actions say so. You are a family man, appa. You live for your family. You are the most loving and kind person I ever saw.

I know the storms you have weathered, the problems you have faced. You have always been cool and composed on the surface. I admire your composure in the face of problems. These storms brought us closer and strenghened our bond….

I am still the same little girl for you, aren’t I? The little girl whom you used to take to the neighbourhood park. The little girl whom you used to lift and place on the baby seat to take her to school. I know you don’t want me to get hurt. Rest assured, appa. I will never conciuosly allow your faith and trust in me to be shattered.

I never did express my feelings for you. How much you meant to me, how much I cared…Now I do, on this Father’s Day.

Thank you, appa for all that you have done for me. Thank you for always being there when I needed you. I know ‘thank you’ would not be enough, but still…And, happy Father’s Day. Love you.

Remember that, I’ll be there for you too…always.

Your daughter.



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7 responses to “Me and appa

  1. Nithya

    Sniff..Sniff…Am touched..Here’s wishing your dad a very Happy Father’s Day on my behalf 🙂
    Dads are so lovely and so are daddy’s girls 😛 😀

  2. priya

    so sweet! 🙂

  3. brinda

    That was very touching. I could truly relate to whatever you wrote.

  4. Ryan.A.Nash

    They say daughters are special to their fathers and sons are special to their mothers.

    very true.

    thats why most dads are more careful about which guys their daughters tak to and the same case goes for moms about their sons!!

    happy daddy day to ur dad!..nice epistle!!

  5. Priya Iyer

    niths, priya, brinds and sharan,

    thanks:-) the bond that a daughter shares with her father is one of a kind, unique.

    wishing all daddies a happy father’s day:-)

  6. Sathej

    Been on blog-reading spree today!Just came to your blog from another new blog I have visited-Priya’s.A touching letter!Will read other posts at leisure.The schedule you have put up in the next post seems to be so typical of today’s IT youth.

  7. Priya Iyer


    welcome:-) thanks for the comment..keep visiting!!

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