Rain! Rain!

Yay! Looks like monsoon has finally set in in Ahmedabad city. We had the season’s first shower yesterday evening, just about an hour before I was about to start from office for home. It was beeeeeyyyyyooooootttttiiiiiiifullllll……Finally a respite from the heat…

Everybody rushed to the windows and corridors to see the rain! 🙂 Funny, how a spell of rain can change a busy and serious work day into chaos, fun and laughter. Soon, it started raining cats and dogs. Complete with lightning and thunder.

For once, the office didn’t seem so drab. The light above my desk did not look like the one above a criminal being interrogated by a policeman in the police station. I didn’t feel like dunking the punch machine in the sweet syrup that is brought in by the office boy that they call tea. I didn’t feel like hitting a few selected characters in office smack on their grinning faces. For once, the egoistic attitude of certain other characters seemed bearable. Deadlines seemed achievable.

I couldn’t find an auto and had to walk down home all the way! Not that I minded!!:-)The only problem was that my new leather chappals that I like a lot got soaked to the core. 😦 As I walked down, I saw people thronging the ‘dalwada’ and ‘corn on the cob’ stalls on the roadside. There were literally traffic jams near these stalls! Both the customers and the stall owners were having a field day! People here sure know how to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

On the way, I noticed a poor family cooking food huddled inside a large drainage pipe, sheltering themselves from the rain. They were laughing and enjoying. Talk about contentment and making the most of what you have! Somehow, it brought a smile to my face. Yesterday was one of those days when I was grateful that I had a warm home and a family to go back to. The bowl of steaming Maggi noodles I had last night seemed heavenly after that!

It is cloudy today. Might rain. Might not. According to the newspaper, monsoons have not officially set in. 😦 Full fledged rains are expected only towards the very last part of the month. A few hoardings and trees fell down and 2 people have been reported dead in yesterday’s rain! Idhu trailer na real movie yepdi irrukumo!!:-) God save us!



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7 responses to “Rain! Rain!

  1. Sathej

    Hope real movie doesn’t get too bad.When I read the title,I thought you referred to Chennai.Here too,it looks like the monsoon has just set in.Nice excellent weather.I like such cloudy and rainy days so much.The only sour point is the traffic jams.
    Contentment,I am reminded of a wonderful picture Nithya put up some time back in her blog Reflections.

  2. Ryan.A.Nash

    In coimbatore we have been having a drizzle every evening from 2 30 onwards….very small drizzle…doesnt soak you up but makes the weather exquisite!!

    I love rain!!And the smell of rain

  3. Sathej

    Oh,I just saw your post Bittersweet moments.Nice.Left a comment there.Saw that you have decided to be less frequent with your posts.Please continue writing.A really nice blog I have come across!

  4. Priya Iyer


    yeah, traffic jams can be a pain. and the epidemics that spread out during the rains. apart from such things, i love the monsoon…

    yeah, i remember the pic on contentment that niths had posted!!:-)

    i was so happy yesterday, today there is no rain:-( looks like the weather forecasting dept was right after all!!! 🙂


    i love the smell of mud too. add to it the smell of hot tea/coffee and pakoras/samosas and it becomes an irresistible combination:-)

    sathej (again),

    thanks for all the encouragement:-) i will definitely continue writing. cant give it up in any situation:-) but the posts might be less frequent(as compared to my previous blogging spree)

  5. Nithya

    Rain is soooooooooo lovely..divine…But why the hell can’t they shut the colleges/schools/offices down, during rainy days 😦 I don’t feel like concentrating on Bacteria and Fungi, while its pouring celestially outside (Not that I concentrate on Algae and Lichens, during Sunny dez :P)…It feels nice to ride ur bike/walk in the rain..but the aftermath is so disgusting…Muddy dress, house fulla mud, amma yelling her throat out :D…
    All these talks make me want to write a post on Rain too…Will write one today for shuvar 😀

    Me loves manvaasanai too !!

  6. Priya Iyer


    there is something special about the rainy season!! 🙂

    looking fwd to your post! hope some manager/principal looks at your comments and gives a rain vacation to his school/college/office…that would be great!! 🙂

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