How the French Bean got its fiber

An attempt at writing a story for children. Read at your own risk. Any kind of damage to the reader on reading this story will not be considered the blogger’s responsibility. 🙂

Once upon a time, in a land called Sabjiland, all the vegetables lived together. One day, all of them got very bored. They got together and decided to have a party the coming weekend. They all agreed to participate in organizing the party. They agreed that they would have a lot of fun together. There would be music, dance, food, games, everything.

The idea excited the vegetables greatly. Arrangements were made, food was cooked, beautiful decorations were made and the Town Hall was made ready for the party. Invitations were printed and distributed to all in Sabjiland. Each and every vegetable was invited – the onion, the tomato, the chilly, the potato, the French bean, the capsicum, the cabbage, the brinjal, the lady finger, all and sundry. No one was left out.

Excitement grew as the occasion drew nearer and nearer. Every one had been asked to perform something to exhibit their talent. Everybody was eagerly awaiting the D-day.

Finally, the day of the great event arrived. All the vegetables arrived at the Town Hall, dressed in their best clothes. There was noise and laughter all around. The vegetables danced together. Loud music blared out of Town Hall. Then food was served. The vegetables enjoyed the various delicacies.

Then the time came for the best part of the party – the talent search. Each vegetable presented an item. The tomato sang a nice, hip song which had all the vegetables rocking on their feet. The lady finger mimicked a famous actor of the yesteryears, which had everyone oohing and aahing. The chilly and the potato presented a witty drama. The capsicum recited a beautiful poem. The cabbage said a story that it had written on its own.

Then it was the turn of the rotund brinjal to present something. It had decided to present a dance before the other vegetables. The musicians started playing and the brinjal started dancing with great gusto. It was a fast number and the brinjal was performing wonderfully. All the vegetables were fully immersed in watching the dance.

Suddenly, the satin robe that the brinjal was wearing got under its feet. It slipped and fell. It tried to right itself, but could not. It fell on the stage with a loud thud.

At this, the French bean burst out laughing. The other vegetables told it to hush, that it sounded very rude to laugh at someone who had fallen, but the French bean could not control itself. It laughed and laughed and laughed till it fell off its seat.

It laughed so much that it split its sides. The town tailor was called urgently and its sides were stitched.

The brinjal was furious that the French bean had laughed at it. It said to the French bean, “You laughed at me when I had fallen down. It serves you right that your sides burst open. Now you will always have these stitches throughout your life. They will remind you never to laugh at someone in difficulty.”

The French bean apologized profusely to the brinjal, but the brinjal refused to take back its words.

Since then, the French bean has always had the fiber at its sides.



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10 responses to “How the French Bean got its fiber

  1. Sathej

    ‘The vegetables enjoyed the various delicacies.’
    What did they enjoy?A child would ask that!
    And tailor to stitch up the sides?Maybe, a doctor would be more appropriate!
    A nice attempt,though!

  2. priya

    OMG! this is so cute!! 🙂 really really nice.. did you try reading it to kids? I’m sure they’d enjoy it!

  3. Ryan.A.Nash

    he he i ve read this before somewhere!! but the names are different!!!
    funny story

  4. Priya Iyer


    he he..rite! 🙂 suggestions noted! thanks..


    thanks a lot! 🙂 have not tried reading it to kiddos yet!


    oh really? dunno…:-(

  5. BioFreak

    good one 🙂 will save it in my mind for my future kid 🙂

  6. Priya Iyer


    thank you so much! 🙂

  7. Nithya

    Awwww….totally adorable..:) Ur kids are definitely gonna ask u for a sequel 😉

    What the French Bean did with its fibre 😉

  8. Priya Iyer


    dank you! dank you! 🙂

  9. Hildegaard P Alligator


    I enjoyed reading your story. Have you ever thought of submitting work to The Awkward Alligator ( We’d love to see more work if you have any.

    With due gusto,
    Hildegaard P. Alligator

  10. Priya Iyer

    wow! 🙂

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