Connecting with myself

My mind full of questions,
My world full of chaos,
Whom do I turn to?
What do I ask?

Then I recall
‘All lies within me’,
And I turn to myself
To guide me on the right path.

I drop away from my surroundings
Am surrounded by peace,
I listen to what my soul has to say
And connect with a power higher than me.

I am lost to the world,
Nothing, nobody now exists,
I can hear
Only my inner voice.

Some quiet time passes by
I mull over what I want,
What troubles me?
What will make me happy?

Slowly, one by one,
All answers come to me,
My mind is now less clouded,
The path I need to walk much clearer…



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5 responses to “Connecting with myself

  1. Sathej

    Great philosophy.Everything is within you.If only we all could learn how to drop away from surroundings,not be influenced by anything but ourselves!

  2. Nithya

    :O Alchemist influence :O :O :O

  3. Priya Iyer

    sathej and niths,

    i have realised this many times in life…when i was confused, when i didn’t know what to do, my inner voice always showed me the right way! then i read the same thing in alchemist, and decided i would put it down on my blog as a reference for the future! 🙂

  4. Pooja

    we all forget that peace lay within us; we go here and there we try to find someone to help us, we try to find happiness and answers in unfolded envelops which are not made for us from which we will never find the answer and again we will be in search of the way to come out from.

    well drafted and here is the answer to my all the questions… its me who can be with me, its me who can understand, its me who can criticize me, its me who lives within me………

  5. priyaiyer


    thanks! very true! 🙂

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