Waiting for liberation

O Lord of the Universe,

Hear my plea,

I have no one to turn to

But for thee,

My soul is weary,

Liberate me,

It pains my heart to see

The pain of my sisters,

Little, cherubic angels

Abandoned in the cold world,

To fight it alone,

Left in the wide, wide world

To fend for themselves,

Little angels like me

Snuffed out in their mother’s womb,

Denied a life which is but their due right,

Disallowed to see the light of day,

My sisters ill treated,

Abused, scorned,

Forced to strip

To show their grief,

O great Lord of the Universe,

This I ask of thee,

Lord, sow the seeds of compassion

In people’s minds,

Lord, let there be justice,

Let there be light,

Lord, let there be a smile

On the faces of all angels,

Lord, let there be true liberation

For the girl child.

It is really painful to see the society still bound by old traditions, customs and beliefs in these modern times when everything is changing. It is painful to hear about the plight of some young girls and ladies even today, whose only fault was that they were born a girl.

Read this and this and this.



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4 responses to “Waiting for liberation

  1. Nithya

    Link 1 : This doesn’t happen only to little girls….Innocent little children, irrespective of their gender, are buried alive by their own family members…Reason : Financial constraints !!

    My question : Why do they have to even ‘produce’ a child, if they know that they cannot make ends meet ? Why create another life and destroy it immediately, mercilessly ??

    Link 2 : I would’ve probably offered my salutations to Pooja, had she not stripped in public…There are certain limitations, as far as protesting and rebelling is concerned…

    “My husband forced me to have illicit relations with other men and earn for him.”

    Was she dumb enough then to agree to all these things ?? She shuld’ve nipped the problem in the budding stage..She shuldn’t have let it bloom into a behemoth…She allowed them to torment and torture her for 4 years ?? What crap ! She shuld’ve divorced him within 6 months of marriage had she known what sort of person he was, then !!

    Link 3 : I am not even commenting on female foeticide…The cud has been chewed over and over again…

  2. Sathej

    Yes, very sad stories. However,the problem is more with the girl child,Nithya. Even educate dpeople look upon a girl child with a ‘not-so-good’ attitude.
    And as for Pooja, divorce all that,well,she could have done it.There is a limit to protest of course, but I guess she would have got frustrated trying all those. Don’t know what the background is.
    All said and done, it is indeed a pathetic situation.And as usual, well portrayed by Priya!

  3. Ryan.A.Nash

    “and a new day will dawn..
    For all those who stand long
    and the forests will echo with laughter!”

    not yet i guess! 😦

    p.s ..those are lines from a song by led zeppelin

  4. Priya Iyer

    @niths, sathej and sharan,

    agree with all your points. it is a sad fact that people ‘produce’ children and then leave them to fend for themselves. however, the plight of the female child is more pathetic in India. many a times, i myself have come accross people treating the girl child with scorn. Well educated people, belonging to decent families.

    as for pooja, she is definitely a gutsy lady. to do what she has done requires a lot of guts. don’t know why she did not do it before. we don’t know what were her circumstances.

    female foeticide is a very, very sick thing to do. shows that india has not still not completely changed. we still have a very, very long way to go before we can call ourselves a developed nation. first of all, we need to change our attitude in general….

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