The K world

This post is about the K world, the oh-so-famous world of Ektaa Kapoor’s K serials. Well, I’ve never had the privilege (?) of watching these sagas of emotions that are world-famous and that go on for years and years together. I just sometimes happen to catch a glimpse of these dramas, as the home manager and her other companions in the family watch them on a regular basis. I must say, coming up with a number of K titles is an innovative task. However, some things never change in these serials. My humble observations on the working of the K world:

1) Generations may come and generations may go, but the grand old lady of the house goes on for ever. Would love to know the secret of her long life!!!!!!!!

2) The hero and the heroine do not like each other, but it is always circumstances that cause them to get married. And after marriage, they discover that they are soulmates.

3) The heroine’s past lover always enters her happy married life. And he always finds a way to befriend the heroine’s husband and comes to live with them in their house.

4) However middle class a family might be, the heroine always has money to spend on clothes of the latest fashion and matching jewellery.

5) The ladies will always be perfectly made up, irrespective of sickness or grief. Even when the heroine is in hospital, she will have eyeliner and lipstick and rouge on. She goes to bed looking pretty and wakes up looking pretty. Not even her lipstick is smudged.

6) Most of the people have their own signature style of dressing. They are always found dressed in that style. Heard of Shanti bindi, Kashish salwar kameez and so on?

7) You can know that a certain person is the bad guy/girl by the eerie music playing in the background when he/she makes an entry. The bad girl can also be identified on the basis of her makeup. She is the one with long nails painted in scarlet and garish, silvery eyeshadow.

8) Any little occasion in the house and it is time for a grand party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9) When a person grows older, there is no change in his/her skin or posture. A few patches of grey appear in the hair and spectacles are added.

10) Bollywood film songs can play in the background at any time, any place!!!!!!!!

11) A lady can have 2-3 kids and still slim, trim and beautiful!

12) Each single festival and each single Pooja has to be celebrated lavishly in the family!

Certain scenes and dialogues in these serials are such that one cannot help but LOL! But, Ektaa Kapoor does rock in a majority of the homes in India. So, for now, the sagas continue……..



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10 responses to “The K world

  1. Sathej

    I too have never had the ‘privelege’ of watching these.And I don’t want it any way!Nice information collected just out of watching ‘here and there’.Home manager?-didn’t get that.
    And yes,they are so unnatural that I don’t find anything worthwhile watching them

  2. Flaneur

    Oh i completely agree with ya abt this “K” tide on the TV.Same ol’stuff on every channel.I absolutely detest watchin all these soaps.I’d rather study than watchin this

  3. Sathej

    Oh! You write on Blogchaat. Just found out.

  4. Nithya

    😀 u missed out on the Tamil soaps that Ekta produces 😀 Tamil soaps are evn funnier 😀 Plz do watch Kolangal 😀 sooper tp 😛

  5. Priya Iyer


    thanks! i don’t want that privilege too! 🙂

    home manager – amma! :-))


    exactly! welcome here! 🙂

    @sathej again,

    yep, i occasionally send stuff to blogchaat too! 🙂


    oh didn’t know that ektaa produces tamil crap too! 🙂 thanks for the info! will make it a point to watch it now! 🙂 lol, tamil la kuda k factor vidalaya?

  6. Ryan.A.Nash

    first of all i dunno who ekta kapoor is except the fact that he features on nithya s blog (under the title) i know he directs serials…Yay I have gained enough knowledge to save the world!!!

    he he…just blabbing..

  7. Priya Iyer


    ekta would probably have an attack if she hears that you don’t know about her! :-))

    thanks for adding to my knowledge! 🙂 i didn’t know that ekta kapoor features on nith’s blog!

    and ekta is a ‘she’, not a ‘he’! 🙂

  8. Ryan.A.Nash

    yea…jus got that!! Ekta oru she a??


  9. Brinda

    Maybe I could add some more-
    13> The hero always has an extramarital affair.
    14> The hero or the heroine are believed to be dead in an accident. So the whole house is in mourning for a few days. Later they realise that they were only badly injured and needed a plastic surgery. Then a new person is introduced to play that character.

    Sometimes it is fun to watch these..

  10. Priya Iyer


    he he! yeah, she is! 🙂


    cool…i missed out on these! 🙂 yep, sometimes it is fun to watch these serials, just for the heck of it! but definitely not for long! 🙂

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