Glad to be back!!!!!

After a brief hiatus from the blog world, I am back again!!!!! This time with some Hindi poetry by yours truly….

Haath hamare utthe dua mein,

Kisine hum se poocha,

Khuda se kya apne liye khushi maangi?

Humne kaha, haan,

Humne unke hothon ki hansi maangi…


My hands went up in prayer,
And someone asked me,
“Did you ask the lord for your happiness?”
I said, “Yes, I asked him
That a smile always rest on my loved one’s lips.”

Ae khuda, humein lambi umr ki kaamna nahi,

Bas itni tamanna hai,

Ki kuch lamhe aise hon

Jinme zindagi samayi ho…..


O Lord, I do not desire for a long life,
But I have one small wish,
Just give me a few moments
Which are full of life…..



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5 responses to “Glad to be back!!!!!

  1. Vidya

    Very nice indeed…………

  2. Sathej

    Good to see you back.Nice small touching verses.

  3. Ryan.A.Nash


  4. Nithya

    Beautiful verses 🙂 loved ’em 🙂

    Inspiration – Coelho ???? 😀

  5. Priya Iyer


    thanku thanku! 🙂


    feels good to be back…:-) thanks!




    thanks a lot! 🙂
    dunno about the inspiration…just wrote it impromptu…:-)

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