A letter to a friend

Dear friend,

I met you as a stranger and treated you like a friend. You, for all this, gave me a beautiful gift in return. A stab in the back. You left me in the darkness when I expected you to lead the way. Maybe you had your own reasons for doing what you did. I don’t know. I had somehow expected you to be different, but you turned out to be just like the other ordinary mortals of the world. That hurt, because I had trusted you. Maybe I expected too much?

Ironically, you turned out to be exactly one of those people whom you claimed to hate.

But this is not to crib or point out your flaws. This is to thank you. Thanks for doing what you did. It made an invaluable contribution in my life. Yes, it shook my faith in humanity for a while, but it increased my inner strength and will a thousand times. My faith in myself and in Him is greater than ever before. And, this could not have been possible without your help.

Dear friend, you brought me face to face with reality. I would probably not have realized the perils lurking there in the world for me if you hadn’t pointed them out to me with your actions. You made me open my eyes wide. Now my path is clearer, thanks to you.

Thank you for bringing to home the fact that I yet have a lot to learn in life.

Thank you for the good times that I shared with you.

May people like you keep hurting the ones who trust them. For, it strengthens them in a way probably very few other things can do.

I do not wish to settle scores with you, for I know there is someone up high above who does that. That is not my job. He, the master accountant, has the debits and credits of everyone neatly registered in his books. He follows you, wherever you go. He makes note of all the minute things you do. And when he feels the time is right, He repays you for your doings, in his own special way. And I trust that hand more than anything.

I don’t know if it is your loss or mine that we are no longer friends, but I know for sure that you have lost the high respect that I had for you as a person. I believe losing respect in someone’s eyes is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. But I am not so sure if you can feel that now.

Goodbye. Nice having known you. Thanks for everything.



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7 responses to “A letter to a friend

  1. Sathej

    That is moving indeed.How did you get the theme for this?Stab in the back – the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

  2. Nithya

    am sorry 😦

    *gives a virtual pat on your back* 🙂 Feels nice to know that u have pulled yourself together 🙂

    Don’t worry…you got to lose something to gain lessons, as far as life is concerned… “Guru Dakshina” 🙂

  3. Ryan.A.Nash

    touching touching…a tad too positive….i like it!
    its like squeezing the tea leaves to get that extra drop of tea…
    true life incident kya?

  4. eagleyemk

    ppl come and go and teaches us lessons….hope this lesson acts as an awakening and enlightening moment in your life…..to know ppl better…to know that wat we see is not always true….and truth is somewhere deep inside….and is not alwys sweet….can be sour too….

    bravo!!!!!n fight the changes in ur life wid courage…..

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