Monday blues

Mondays are meant for feeling blue,
So do people say,
Much has been said about this day,
But I have felt like that
Only on very few a Monday;

However, today is different,
I am just back from a holiday,
Poor me is back in a confined space
After a week of freedom,
Back to the usual routine
After a 7-day vacation,
Back to my home
From the land of Chennai.

Back amidst familiar faces
Back amidst known voices,
Back after laughs and hugs and tears
Chitchat and gossip,
And roller coasters of emotions;

There is a load of work to do,
But my mind wanders,
I yearn for the lost freedom,
I wish I could have filled in
More enjoyment into these few days;

I wish to go back
And do all the things I didn’t,
I missed out on a lot of things,
Visits to relatives’,
The usual visit to the beach,
The shopping spree
And the dining out in glee,
The long hours of sleep and rest,
The books I meant to read,
The movies I meant to see,
All the things I had planned to,
But didn’t do
Due to constraints like time and health.

I am just back from a trip
And my heart longs for another,
But I know I cannot do that,
That makes this Monday bluer than ever,
Hence this poem I write
To let out my pain,
On my dear blog
I let my grief be etched.




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4 responses to “Monday blues

  1. Sathej

    Really,no place like Chennai if you are from here:) And you seemed to have missed out on a lot of things.
    All Mondays are blue for me though!

  2. Gopinath Sundharam

    Nice one. Even after staying in my home town (Coimbatore) for 5 weeks recently, I wish I can stay there more.. 😦

  3. Nithya

    Mr Monday never lets anybody live in peace, does he ?? 😐

  4. Priya Iyer


    🙂 ya, its a good place for a vacation…and, yes, i missed out on a lot of things..:-( mondays are meant to feel blue, i guess…:-)


    welcome again! :-)he he, it happens! 🙂


    mr.monday has not disturbed me too much till now. but now looks like times are changing…:-(

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