Waking up at the usual time with the thought “Duh! Only Wednesday yet? 4 more days to go before a Sunday?”, then suddenly remembering, “Oh! 15th August today! A holiday!”, a blissful smile on the lips and then curling up again for those extra 10 minutes of sleep, the most contented 10 minutes in a long, long time.

Remembering the carefree day spent at work the day prior, when the entire office was decorated with flags, all the staff members dressed in white, strains of the national anthem floating through every now and then, countless IMs and mails wishing ‘A Happy Independence Day’. Revelling in an atmosphere very Indian, very beautiful.

Getting out of bed with a determination to do something different from a usual work day, determined to achieve freedom from the usual hassles that mark a work day such as routine and the long hours spent in front of the computer, even if only for a single day.

Going for a brisk morning walk to the garden nearby, enjoying the slow traffic, the sun rays beginning to kiss your face, the sky clear and blue, the strains of ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ in your ears, the blood coursing through your body and the heady feeling of being ready to take on the world.

Coming across groups of students on the way participating in a drawing competition for school children organised on the roadside, their little faces puckered in concentration, busily drawing the national flag, the map of India and the other things that depict the great nation that India is. Feeling nostalgic and smiling to oneself.

Enjoying an hour in the garden, sitting at one’s favourite spot, being blessed by an overhanging branch of a generous tree, a sense of calm touching the soul on observing the green, green grass around, hearing the music of the birds in the trees, watching the squirrels scampering about, taking in the complete silence.  

Returning home, noticing that it is your usual time to rush to office, but you don’t have to, for once.

Being able to be free from routine, being able to idle around as you please.

Being told by your grandfather that he feels like hearing MS Subbulaxmi. Finding videos of her soulful renditions on the Net and seeing the look of awe on his face as he views them. The sense of satisfaction that follows on having pleased somebody immensely.

Going out on a job that has been pending for days – buying Rakhis for cousins and the brothers that you make in the course of your life, going through boxes and boxes of colourful strings, trying to find those perfect ones, ultimately finding what you were looking for. 

Seeing an icecream parlour on the way back home, being tempted by the child in you to enjoy a ‘Kucchhi icecream’, a far cry from the sophisticated cones and cups of icecream that you eat, ordering one of them, enjoying it right to the core. Feeling pleased that you still enjoy the little things in life, the things that your mother calls ‘Alpa Aasai’.

Catching up with friends and spending time in idle chitchat without feeling guilty.

Getting the time to talk to your family in an unhurried manner.

Switching on the T.V. to find a beautiful movie like ‘Mitr’ showing, getting engrossed in it, crying, smiling, enjoying each and every part of it.

Getting to do the hundred odd jobs that you cannot do on work days. Feeling a sense of accomplishment at the number of mental check marks on the list that you have in your mind.

Going out for dinner with your mother, ordering for both and feeling happy that your mother ultimately liked something else apart from the South Indian food that she usually has when she eats out.

Coming back feeling happy at a day well spent in much needed relaxation, wishing you could have gone to the bookstore, the temple and the new mall that has opened in the city, vowing to go to each of these places the coming Sunday.

Remembering that in 2 days’ time, it would be Saturday again. 

Deciding to blog about your holiday to remember it for ever just before you drift off into sleep in order to prepare yourself for a busy day the next day.  



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9 responses to “Bliss

  1. Raj

    you write well, Priya… hope you keep it up!

  2. Kalakiteenga ponga! Me at work on 15th.. where is the independence.. 🙂 Nice post!

  3. super post…prolly this is where ntihs got her idea from 😀

  4. and u made my longing worse 😦

  5. priyaiyer


    thanks a lot for dropping by and thanks for the comment. i try my best, and will keep writing! 🙂


    thanks! 🙂 oho, no holiday? 😦


    thanks! 🙂 yup, maybe you’re right!


    hey, sorry about that! 😦 India naa India dhaan! 🙂

  6. @ Sharan –> Naan post e ippo thaan padikaren 😦

    Iyer, sooper post 🙂 loved it totally….didnt get to exactly enjoy a ‘holiday’, but had a wunnerful independence day 🙂

    “Finding videos of her soulful renditions on the Net and seeing the look of awe on his face as he views them. The sense of satisfaction that follows on having pleased somebody immensely.”

    Oh ! so true 🙂

  7. @niths,

    am i so predictable then? 🙂 (talking about the spoilt surprise)

    thanks! 🙂 it was actually a great holiday! 🙂

  8. thatz true reflection of Independence Day..;l)

  9. priyaiyer


    it is the reflection of a great holiday! 🙂

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