The other day at work, me and my friends were discussing our good old Doordarshan over lunch. We had a nice trip down memory lane. I was reminded of those golden days when I had nothing else to watch but DD. I decided to google up a few things about DD and the results just amazed me. There are a number of people who loved those ads on DD like me and my friends. There were quite a few blog posts on DD. I had a huge grin on my face and a happy feeling in my heart on remembering my days with DD and I couldn’t resist doing this post. Here is my list of personal favourites on DD:

1)  The DD logo

This logo used to swirl around with the tune playing in the background.  🙂

2) Rukawat ke liye khed hai

DD’s trademark line, which used to come up every now and then… 🙂

3) The news readers on DD, each of who had his/her own unique style. I remember Salma Sultan, Raman, Prakruti Krishnan, Rini Simon and Kaveri. I remember a game I used to play with my grandpa. Every day before the news would begin, he would ask me “Tell me who is going to read the news today?” and I would make a guess. For every right guess, he would give me a rupee. I used to save that to buy little knick knacks.   🙂

Salma Sultan’s rose was oh-so-famous those days. 🙂

Me and my cousins also used to see the news for the hearing impaired. We used to love seeing the news reader explain the news through actions. 🙂

4) Serials like Chandrakanta, Stone Boy, Surabhi, Discovery Of India, Mahabharat, Ramayana, Shanti, Wagle Ki Duniya, Karamchand, Mr. Yogi, Hum Log, Circus, Byomkesh Bakshi, Karamchand, Reporter, Jungle Book, Swabhimaan, Duck Tales and others that the whole family used to see together. These serials had a special charm, which can rarely be found in the dumb saas-bahu serials of today.

I am posting some videos of serials that I came across. I used to love the title tracks of some of the serials like anything.

Jungle Book – the unforgettable title song

Mahabharat – the opening music

The title track of Discovery Of India

I still remember Kitty saying, “Boss, you are a genius.” to Karamchand, and Karamchand would always say, “Shut up, Kitty.” 🙂

5)  The unforgettable songs for various campaigns. I have posted some of my favourites.

Mile sur mera tumhara – still captivating

Purab se surya uga – the literacy campaign

Ek titli, anek titliyan

School chale hum

Doodh doodh doodh

6) Last, but not the least, the beautiful ads that we no longer see.

Hamara Bajaj 🙂

The unbeatable Cadburys ad

The other Cadbury ad

Parle G

Amul – the taste of India

I remember watching ads in Tamil whenever I went to Chennai in the vacations and comparing the Hindi and Tamil versions. I used to LOL at certain lines which were literally translated. 🙂

The Vadilal ad which went something like ‘Vadilal laaye kuch naya, to put a smile back on your face’, the Dhara cooking oil “Jalebi” ad  and the ‘Lifebuoy hai jahan, tandurusti hai wahan’ ones were also cool.  🙂

7) Here are two of my recent favourites on DD:

Madhya Pradesh tourism ad

 The Clinic Plus Chulbuli ad

The Chulbuli ad, however, is not restricted only to DD. I am not so sure about the MP tourism ad.

Good old DD. Good old days. Golden memories. 🙂



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47 responses to “Nostalgia

  1. Thanks Priya. It was a nice flash back down the memory lane.. the Cadbury’s cricket ad is THE best. I love the way she dances.. ayyooo… kalakitta.. I wonder what is she doing now.. 🙂

    Is DD still around? Just pondering…

  2. Oh, really nostalgic. A trip down memory lane for me too. I used to love Mahabharatha every Sunday. I still believe its one of the best directed serials with great actors. Also remember Chandrakantha and Discovery of India. And the ads – the Bajaj, Cadburys and Amul, well, very nice.

    Great recollections. Wish such things were still around.


  3. priyaiyer


    glad to note that you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed doing it! 🙂

    “I wonder what she is doing now…” LOL…if I come to know, will definitely tell you… 🙂

    and yes, DD is very much still around, though I don’t see it at all these days… 😦


    thanks a lot! 🙂 welcome here!


    🙂 happy that you enjoyed!

  4. ambi

    wonderful post. i too felt nostolgic. now also, i guess ours( i mean my parents) is the only house in the street or in the small town of t’veli has Only DD and no sun or amma tv. 🙂

    i love surabhi music. 🙂 adhu enga?
    also jungle book mogli, duck tales – uncle scrootch and disney tales – baallu pilot. also 11 ) clock cultural concerts (title mejic by ARR)

    thanks for sharing. yeeh, chulbhuli ad is good. Bank of India Ad paatheengala? classic.
    If U r too enthu on Ads, vijit http:\\
    she is hosting a quiz on ads. quite intresting.
    me had won pashtuu prize also (perumaiyooda collara thooki vittufying). 🙂

    //I remember a game I used to play with my grandpa.//
    ROTFL 🙂 same blood here also.

  5. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂 oh, you from tirunelveli???

    i love the title track of surabhi too, but couldn’t find it on the net…:-( and haven’t seen the bank of india ad too.. 😦

    congo on the prize.. 😀 that calls for a treat!

    will visit the link that you have posted…

    LOL on your comment on my ‘game with grandpa’… you too??? 🙂

  6. An oh-so-cute post 🙂 Didn’t see the videos though, frankly speaking cauz it takes a toll on my download limit 😦
    I remember having come across a coupla ads that u have mentioned out here 🙂 – Doodh Doodh, Skool chale hum, Hamara Bajaj et al 🙂
    I used to love the DD BGM too 🙂 Used to runnnn and come to the hall, just to listen to that BGM 🙂
    Ah ! Those were the days 🙂

  7. priyaiyer


    thanks… 🙂 sad that you couldn’t see the videos! 😦

    yep, those were the days! 🙂

  8. 🙂 lovely post! Yeah, i remember the famous rose tucked near Ms. Sultana’s ear. And my favorite in Hindi news was Sarala Maheshwari – I used to find her so beautiful!
    They were so much part of our lives then. Now, I dont watch news channels. They make me sick.
    My another all time favorite from your list is title track of Discover of India. Oh, even today, when I hear it, it kind of gives me a fervour, the hibernating pride about my country wakes up…. strange!

  9. priyaiyer


    🙂 thanks a lot… it brought back a lot of memories for me too! glad you liked it!

  10. yes yes I too remember.. quality & originality of those program was very awesome..

    few more :
    Dekh Bhai Dekh
    Prannoy Roy’s The World This Week
    Turning Point
    The Sword of Tipu Sultan

    Jaspal Bhatti’s Flop show

    Byomkesh Bakshi


    Street Hawk
    Junoon (never ending…))

    and so much.. god am I too old to remember this?)

  11. priyaiyer


    thanks for the additions! i remember all these too! 🙂

    btw, welcome here! 🙂

  12. the first serial i ever saw was YUG one about freedom struggle on DD when i was in 2nd std…super serial it was…h ehe…i still remember a king named chauhan whose body was burnt after he died, and after that too he was alive because someone had already fished the body (which was still alive so terchinically not a body) and medicated him…phew…mindblowing when i was in 2nd..funny now..

    as nith says…the dd music rocked!!!

  13. priyaiyer


    LOL… what crap? how can a burnt body become alive? i didnt see yug…. god, i missed it 😉

    yep, the dd music simply rocked! 🙂

  14. er he wasnt burnt..after the fire was set it rained,,,cycle gapla auto vidara madri appo he suttufied the body!!

  15. priyaiyer

    thats the crappiest thing i ever heard!!!! 😐

  16. Chaitanya Deshpande

    yes..those were golden days… i still remember waking up early on sunday morning to watch Rangoli at 7am listening to old songs is a great way to begin a sunday…. once the tv was switched on at 7, it would be so till 11:30 or so…..watching ramayana….mahabharath..chanakya… also HE-MAN ….and when movies were aired many from the neighbourhood would sit together to watch them….. and in the night it was Discovery of India….byomkesh bakshi….

    I still remember watching all those quiz programs…how ever unrelated they mite have been….like one “Krishi Quiz” …. and of course cricket…. i still have faint memories of watching the 1987 cricket world cup…. and the australian team winning it….

    truly they are all memories worth cherishing……..

  17. priyaiyer


    welcome here! ya, those were really the days!! i too used to wake up on sunday to the melodious songs playing on ‘rangoli’! 🙂

  18. Salma Sultan…saritha Seth…Karamchand…
    Ek titli…jungle jungle pata chala hai

    Wow….a nice walk down memory lane
    Awesome 🙂

  19. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂 it was a trip down memory lane for me too!

  20. Nice post! You seem to have missed Shaktiman 🙂

  21. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂 i didn’t watch that one, so i guess i missed it! 😦

  22. Aditya

    we were talking about “sanskrit slokas” today and when challenged to say one…I could mumble 1.5 starting lines of the Mahabharat.

    Old but not forgotten…

  23. priyaiyer


    he he! yep, true! 🙂

  24. Rameez

    Hi priya,

    A thousand thanks for posting these wonderful ads n bringing back the memories of my childhood.If posible can you please send the downloadable files to my mail id
    Thanks in advance.

  25. priyaiyer


    welcome here! glad that u enjoyed the post! 🙂

    i found these videos from and currently do not hav the links with me. you can search for the ones you want on the same site. hope you find your favourites. 🙂

  26. Rajasekhar V. Ganti


    Thanks a lot, these clips literally brought tears of joy !! Our house had the only TV in the entire colony in Vizag and we had tons of folks every evening to watch !!!

    Krishi Darshan was GOODDDD

  27. priyaiyer


    welcome here! m glad u enjoyed the post! 🙂

  28. Giridharan.V

    Hi Priya (Uniquely Priya),

    I am a chennai guy. I really went to those golden days while reading these posts and wonderful memories (Unfortunately I am not able to view the clips from this site).

    This seems a place which is close to my heart too.

    Thanks a Lot.


  29. priyaiyer


    hey! welcome here! 🙂

    glad you liked the post. 🙂 sorry you were not able to view the videos, though. 😦

  30. Syed

    Just superb
    Cadbury’s cricket ad was my Favorite

  31. priyaiyer


    hi! welcome here! 🙂

    thanks. it was one of my favourites too! 🙂

  32. Akta Kapoor

    hey all this is gr8 but i ve been looking for the title song of ramayan “mangal bhavan sumangal ” any clue where can i get it????

  33. priyaiyer

    @akta kapoor

    hi akta! somehow ur name reminds me of the ektaa kapoor. 🙂 welcome here!

    thanks! try searching for ‘ramayan + doordarshan’ on youtube. all the best. 🙂

  34. Vineet

    Hey nice collection Priya…
    Do u by ne chance have the Old Lifebuoy ad???
    Neways nice work!!!

  35. priyaiyer


    thanks! welcome here! 🙂

    nope, i dont hav the ad. u might try searching for it on youtube, though. all the best! 🙂

  36. Bhupen

    Hi ,

    This is a journey to my childhood, really a very gooood collection of the golden moments. Actually, I want to buy the episodes of Discovery of India, Jungle Book, Malgudi days ….. Could anyone suggest me a proper site for that??


  37. priyaiyer


    thnks! glad that u enjoyed the post. i have no idea where you could buy the episodes, but you can for sure find certain episodes on you tube. you could try searching there. all the best. 🙂

  38. Urvah

    hi there, thanks for posting such valuable ads of DD…but iam just wondering …is there any chance i can see Vadilal Advertisement…i cant find it anywhere on Google….do u have it?

  39. priyaiyer


    hi! welcome here and thanks for the comment. glad u liked the post. 🙂

    no i do not have the advertisement. u can try searching for it on youtube. all the best! 🙂

  40. Hi Priya I found your blog quite interesting and lot of videos and infos about my fav Doordarshan channel.I created my blog and created a nostalgia about Doordarshan too.And also I put a link of your blog on my blog so that people would visit your blog through mine.If you want you can also do the same like me.Nywayz just would like to say that I liked your blog about DD. Keep up da good work.Ciao!! take care…Regards……

  41. priyaiyer


    thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. 🙂 glad u liked the post…will check out ur blog soon.

  42. well excellent

    thanks, bhuvana. welcome to UP! 🙂

  43. Hi,
    Thnks priya for such a nice and nostalgic post.
    But i am still looking for theme song for Yug…
    It goes…
    Yug badla badla hindustan,
    aaj ke yug ka harinsan,
    kal tak desh pe marta tha jo,
    pyar desh se karta tha jo….

    its beats were not less than any metal or rock…..
    i use to rush from school at 0330, in 1997 i guess,
    was in yr 4……an was just turned into yr 8….

    some body finid that do send me a link…

    thanks!! 🙂
    you could try searching for the video on youtube.. all the best!!

  44. I came across your blog, while searching the logo of DD. I work in DD and it feels so good, reading something about it; and that too when it comes from a passionate viewer like you. You seem to have worked hard to search all logo, pictures and ads. Thanks for sharing such nice memories.

    hey sandipan, welcome here… glad u liked the post… thanks for commenting and making me relive those beautiful memories once again…

    DD will always occupy a special place in my heart. I cannot think back on my childhood without thinking about DD… 🙂

  45. Hey Priya,

    I just saw this post…and wow…I left India when I was very little but these things surface in my mind every once in a while, especially the doodh doodh ad. Thanks for putting this great list together. I am bookmarking this post.


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