LOL moments :)

Sometimes, certain things happen unexpectedly and you cannot help but LOL at them. Like the little incident (if it can be called that) which happened to me earlier in office.

For every mail sent out from my office mail id, I get notification when it is delivered. For eg: If I send out a mail with the subject ‘Contribution of article’ to someone, I get a mail stating ‘Delivered Contribution of article’ as soon as the mail reaches the inbox of the concerned person.

Usually, we forward fun emails to friends during lunch hour. Today I forwarded a mail called ‘XXXX’s son’ to my colleagues. Couldn’t stop laughing at the delivery receipt that I got.    🙂

That reminded me of another LOL moment I had when I went to my tailor once. He had stitched a dress for me and the neck was very high. So I went to him to get the neckline altered. What he told me almost had me in splits and him too: “Madam, shaam ko aana. Gala kaat ke haath mein de doonga.” (Madam, come in the evening. I will cut the neck and hand it over to you.”)

Well, it happens!  🙂



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5 responses to “LOL moments :)

  1. Of course, it happens 🙂 LOL indeed!

  2. he he…thank god it wasn’t “boss’ son”;

  3. 🙂 at Priya
    and 😐 at Sharan

  4. priyaiyer




    🙂 we normally don’t send controversial stuff….



  5. bhavik

    all r nice thoughts…………..

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