Lady In Waiting…

Oh brilliant moon,

Beautiful and serene,

Be a messenger of mine,

Take my message

To my love

In a faraway land;

Touch him with gentleness,

Touch him with care;

Tell him of my boundless love,

Tell him of my endless wait,

Tell him of those thoughts of his

That are countless,

That come rushing to mind,

Tell him of my silent tears,

Tell him how I pine,

Tell him those sweet words

That I whisper to the winds each day,

Tell him that I look at you

And relive those moments with him,

Tell him that life is dreary

Since he went away,

Tell him to come back soon

To take me with him,

Tell him of my dreams

Of our life together,

Tell him that I don’t want

Pearls and silk and rubies,

Tell him that all I want

Is the love of his,

Tell him to take good care of himself,

Tell him that he is my world,

Tell him that he is

My reason to live…

– By Yours Truly



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  1. priyaiyer

    @ sharan


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