Current obsessions

This post is about my current obsessions in life, the important things(?) in my life these days. 🙂


Talking of music, I have always believed that music has no boundaries – no language. The lyrics might be in different languages, but the underlying emotions are the same. They can be understood by every one. This belief of mine was proved right when one of my colleagues from the Marketing Division called up a client in Saudi Arabia. A soulful Arabic song started playing. None of us could understand the lyrics, but we were hooked somehow. The transformation that took place in the cabin was something almost magical, which words could not describe. Every one dropped what they were doing and started listening to the song. Every one had a look of awe on their faces, the song was so beautiful. This went on till the call was received.

This led me to search for Arabic songs on the Net. I could not find THAT song, but I found two very good ones, which are part of my current obsessions. 🙂

Listen to this and this. I can’t understand a word of these songs, but love them all the same. 🙂 They remind me of the Arabic lyrics in ‘Kaho na Kaho’ from Murder. Loved that one too! 🙂

This also reminded me of the Malayalam lyrics in ‘Jiya Jale Jaan Jale’ from Dil Se which I couldn’t understand, but still loved the song. Also worth mentioning here is ‘The Ketchup song’ that I like listening to on and off in spite of not understanding the lyrics at all.

Talking about Hindi songs, I seem to be mesmerised by three songs these days. I just can’t seem to listen to anything else. I am posting the links here.

Maula mere – Anwar

Aankhon mein teri ajab si – Om Shanti Om

Jaane do na – Cheeni Kum

On a jazzier note, my recent favourites are: (of course, these can never beat the above three)


Mast Kalandar

You’re my only pyaar mahiya

Dupatta tera nau rang da

Gustakhi maaf kar de


On a slightly different note, my current obsessions in terms of books:

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

How Opal Mehta got kissed, got wild and got a life – Kaavya Vishwanathan

Manual of the warrior of light – Paulo Coelho

Wise and Otherwise – Sudha Murty

There have been a number of additions to my library in the last couple of months. Good additions, which I am waiting to get my hands on! In fact, so many additions that the home minister has threatened to throw me out along with them if I buy one more before finishing the rest. 🙂 The bookstore people now know me well and I am a privileged customer at the pavement bookwallah’s. 🙂

As if I am already not so busy with so much stuff, I have work to do at work! Totally unfair! 🙂

So, if I suddenly disappear from my blog for some time, you know what I’ll be up to! 🙂 Till then…



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10 responses to “Current obsessions

  1. ambi

    thanks for sharing. will listen to that arabic song.
    now adays, even tamil songs are like arabic only 🙂

    so pre-announcement for a long leave at blog…?

  2. priyaiyer


    🙂 u are welcome! that’s true! tamil songs are like that nowadays! 🙂

    yeah, it is an announcement that i might go on a vacation from blogging for an indefinite period. on second thoughts, i would not totally disappear, but keep making appearances every now and then! let us see! 🙂

  3. Hmm… So many are now disappearing from the blogging world albeit owing to various reasons (including yours truly)

  4. priyaiyer


    dontya worry! 🙂 i think i will be making an appearance every now and then! won’t disappear altogether!

  5. looks like the season for disappearances!! Good to hav a break and come back fresh! ENjoy

  6. priyaiyer

    @rusty neurons

    yep, looks like the season for disappearances all right, with many taking a break off from blogging! 🙂 but i can’t for long… 🙂 can’t stay away from my dear blog for much time!

  7. manmeet

    hey, its really nice to have some of the nice songs all together;) as weneva m online i do listen all of them straight from ur blog only:))

  8. priyaiyer


    you are welcome, ma’am! 🙂

  9. A very good and informative blog! I have forwardwd to all of my friends.

  10. priyaiyer

    @hindi movie

    thnks! 🙂

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