Let me fly

Ik khula aasman nazar aa raha hai,

Us aasman ko mujhe choone do,

Bandho na mujhe simaon mein,

Mujhe nayi simaen khojne do,

Phir un simaon ko bhi paar karna hai,

Tum bas mujhe udne do;


Sambhalo na mujhe,

Mujhe khud girne aur sambhalne do,

Apne darr se, apni soch se,

Mujhe khud hi ladne do,

Rasta kathin hai ye na kaho,

Mujhe apne raste khud banane do,

Mujhe misaal mat do kisi aur ki,

Mujhe khud misaal banne do,

Ek duniya hai mere andar,

Us duniya ko sanwarne do,

Kuch tamannaein hain meri,

Un tak pahunchne do,

Roko na mujhe,

Tum bas mujhe udne do….

-Yours truly


Yours truly translates this poem: (to the best of her efforts)

I can see a wide, open sky,

Let me touch it,

Tie me not by limits,

Let me set my own,

Then I will challenge those too,

Just let me fly;

Don’t protect me,

Let me fall, let me stand up then,

My fears, my thoughts,

Let me battle them on my own,

Don’t tell me that the path is tough,

Let me find my own ways,

Don’t give me examples,

Let me exemplify,

I have a world (of unexplored talents) within me,

Let that world blossom,

I have some dreams,

Let me realise them,

Don’t stop me,

Just let me fly….


Pic courtesy: Niths



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6 responses to “Let me fly

  1. Hi, I just came across your site while searching something on google. I liked it. All the posts are really wonderful and exquisite! It is really a fun to go through them. This poem is really amazing!

    Wish you laughter, joy, fun, happiness and roses!

    Keep going…..

  2. thats some translation eh. nice try..

  3. Oh! The Hindi version is so touching. Nice translation too, but somehow the Hindi version is all the more moving. But will we ever be freed from societal eyes and pressures?

  4. priyaiyer


    welcome here! 🙂 thanks a lot!

    keep visiting!


    danks 🙂


    thank u so much! 🙂 me too liked the hindi version better, as it just came naturally. just translated it into english but the english words don’t do justice to the original spirit of the poem…

    and ya, about our being freed from societal eyes and pressures, i dont see that happening in the near future! 😦

  5. Hindi better hindi better hindi better 😀 😀

  6. priyaiyer


    pata hai, pata hai, pata hai 😀

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