Dance away this night

Lissome lass, with tresses of silk,

Dance the night away with me,

Dance with me till the wee hours,

Dance as if

The last night is tonight,


Your beauty shines

In the dark, dark night,

The mirrors on your flowing gown

Like the twinkling stars

Studding the night sky,



The sweetest of sounds emanate

From your shimmering bangles

That cover you from wrist to elbow,

Your silver anklets jingle,

And create a flutter in my heart,


Your headgear in a tumult of colors,

Red and green and yellow and blue,

Shivers lightly in the night breeze,

The beauty spots on your face

Protect you from the evil eye,


How can I be unaffected?

How can I be sane?


Dance away this night of frenzy,

Dance and worship the Goddess,

Forget all else,

Just float to the beats,

Just drift with the music,


Wrap yourself in this fever,

Let this night cast its zeal

Like a net over us,

Let us dance together this night,

And then for eight more,


Don’t utter a word,

Let our eyes speak,

As do our dandias,

Soak in the love and the loveliness,

And dance away this wondrous night.


PS: The nine magical days of Navratri start today. The fervour is almost palpable in the air in this land of Garbas and Dandia-Raas. Me does not dance, but love to watch people doing the Garba, passion writ large on their faces. This year, there is one more reason to rejoice. Me will be leaving office early for 9 days officially, a gift from the management for Navratri! Yay! Happy Navratri/Kolu to all of you!!!



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4 responses to “Dance away this night

  1. I love this entry of yours. It is totally marvelous, amazing! Really a exquisite entry. ~Peace~ for you.

    The look of your new site is also very beautiful. I like the flowers and love them.

    Your post always create interest in me to come here again and again. Keep going…

    Wish you all the happiness and blessings!

    (((~ANGEL ~HUGS~)))! 🙂

  2. priyaiyer


    thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Great, that you’ll leave office early 🙂 Good, good.

  4. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂 i m loving it.. 🙂

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