The story of a community

Note: Read at your own risk. 🙂 Don’t blame me later. 


This post is all about how a certain community was started on Orkut. I am doing this post on special request from the members of the community.


It all began with a forwarded mail. This mail, to be precise:


A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,

A man needs a sushi when a woman is an icicle,

A man needs a car to zip across town,

To order a tuna and gobble it down,

The tuna needs cars to be partially banned,

And bicycles re-introduced to the land,

A person would need to be radically pushy,

To pedal for miles in the rain for a sushi,

Better to stay home with noodles for dinner,

The man and the tuna would both be the winner,

The world needs to get itself out of a pickle,

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.


Before I begin with the story of the community, let me tell you a few facts. Our department in office (where this story started) is a department of girls. Well, not entirely girls, but the majority is that of girls. 10 girls, including myself, and only 4 guys. (You can imagine the plight of the guys when we all sit together, but that is an entirely different issue) 🙂


Now, we have this habit of forwarding fun mails to each other two times in the day – called good morning mail and good afternoon mail, just to keep ourselves refreshed. The above poem was sent by one of the girls as a good morning mail to the rest of the department. Though none of us completely understood the poem, it sparked off a lively discussion. 🙂


Before you go through the rest of the post, let me put a disclaimer. 🙂 The intention behind this post and the formation of this community is solely fun. There is absolutely no intention to demean the male of the species of homosapiens. If any of this species happens to read this, do take it in the same spirit as it was meant to be.


So, I proceed with the story. Each girl had a story to tell about the male homosapiens – their brothers, boyfriends (ex and current), husbands and fathers. About noses buried in newspapers, about ears that become deaf when profound wisdom falls on them and that cock up with any discussion with the word ‘cricket’ in it, the predictability and lack of romantic surprises, and so on and so forth. I will spare you all those details. 🙂 Ultimately it was concluded that ‘women need men like a fish needs a bicycle’.


One of my female counterparts took the discussion ‘a little’ further by asking why can’t girls provide that emotional support to girls which they don’t get from their guys? After all, only a woman can understand the pain of another woman the most. And why not start from office itself? Thus the birth of a group of girls took place and this group was baptized ‘the sweetu group’. The terms and conditions of this group were:

  • Only girls allowed. However, if a guy lives upto the expectations of these girls, he can join in.
  • Each girl would be called ‘sweetu’, fondly and endearingly.
  • Each girl would be fussed over and protected and loved.
  • In case of any situation/problem which would only be understood by girls, other ‘sweetus’ would be there to provide her emotional support.
  • The tagline of this group would be ‘dekha? Kitni acchi hai!’
  • Each sweetu would be praised for everything she did. Like if a girl brought lunch from home, other sweetus would praise her saying ‘dekha? Kitni acchi hai! Lunch bhi laati hai.’ This would be applicable to all tasks. Even if a girl yawns, other girls would say, ‘dekha kitni acchi hai? Yawn bhi karti hai!’ 🙂
  • These sweetus would give each other gifts and surprises.
  • These sweetus plan to raise funds for the same purpose, create a ‘sweetu mahel’ and live together, where every one could do whatever their hearts said. No cooking, no ironing, no dusting, no dirty collars and no smelly socks! There would be only praise and love and surprises and happiness.

Taking the discussion ‘a little more’ further, the group decided to form a community on Orkut. Yes, it is there! – the Sweetu community. 🙂


I am not a member of this group yet, but I might be in future! 🙂 Let’s see…. And I know they will accept me, because ‘woh sab kitni acchi hain!’


So that’s the story of the little Sweetu community. Yeah, I can hear shouts of ‘Jobless people, Jobless people’! 🙂 I am somehow reminded of something that I read somewhere: ‘If men know how women spend their time when alone, they would never get involved with them.’

At this note, I shut up my keyboard, lest you pull all of your hair out! 🙂





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17 responses to “The story of a community

  1. Hey Sweetu…..kitni aachi blog leekhti hai! 🙂 Really I am falling in love with your writings. While I was going through this blog, a smile was there with me! 🙂

    You rightly said, “If men know how women spend their time when alsone, they would never get invloved with them”. It feels so great that we all women share so many secrets and these secrets are so special. I am feeling special at this moment and I think, you are also. 🙂

    Wish you roses, fun, blessings, love,hugs and all the beautiful things!

    Keep smiling…….Bless U!

  2. I just notice, I did spell mistakes! Opps! Sorry for that….

  3. ha ha ha… 🙂 … but din’t find anything at the community? only 4 members!?!?! nothing much going on there… gawsh! where can i know what women think when they’re alone! u made it a critical info to be known now… ;)…

  4. Shilpi Sharma

    Hey sweet gal,

    This is awesome….really loved readin such nice things bout our very own “SWEETU COMMUNITY”
    Dekha bina join kiye bhi aap kitne acche ho 🙂

    n u can netime join the group darling….u r alwayz welcome….
    keep up the good work

    3 cheers for YOU dear
    hip hip hurray…….hip hip hurray………hip hip hurrayyyyyyyy

    – Regards,
    Shilpi Sharma
    Sweetu Community

  5. priyaiyer


    :)) you too?

    @ nidhi again

    not a problem! 🙂


    ya, the sweetus have been rather busy and all of them have not been able to join… and its very, very new. 🙂

    what women think when they are alone should be known only to women. 🙂

    @ shilpi

    :)) thanks a lot for the invitation!

  6. Nice idea – this group Sweetu:)
    And ya, I’ll definitely not keep away from the blog:)

  7. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂

  8. Sounds like Jaadu ki Jhappi types 🙂
    Itihaas ke pannon par na sahi…kam se kam tumhaara naam ORKUT ke pannon par to amar rahegaa 😛

  9. priyaiyer


    eggjhactly! the community intends to give a comforting ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ to the women in need of it! 🙂

    orkut ke pannom par to naam likh chuke hain,
    khuda ne gar chaha
    to jaane se pehle
    duniya mein bhi
    chhota sa kaam kar jayenge,
    logon ke dilon pe
    apna naam likh jayenge! 🙂

  10. Oh My GOD! What brilliants people you girls are! Gosh! My eyes well up with tears of joy and excitement. What great ideas you form! Sigh! How I wish I were a girl and HAVE FUN like you people do :(( You know, it is really dull and boring to be a boy. We rarely get such profound ideas.

    You rock Girls!


  11. Oh My GOD! What brilliant people you girls are! Gosh! My eyes well up with tears of joy and excitement. What great ideas you form! Sigh! How I wish I were a girl and HAVE FUN like you people do :(( You know, it is really dull and boring to be a boy. We rarely get such profound ideas.

    You rock Girls!


  12. priyaiyer


    welcome here! 🙂

    ahem ahem… idhu oru sarcastic comment-aa ille genuine compliment-aa ? pls clarify.

  13. 😀 Ena ponnuma nee? Athu sathiyama… oru sarcastic comment than!! 😀 I guess your “Sweetu Community” will be pulling out your swords to draw first blood!

    By the way was reading your earlier posts. Loved the one on good old DD! Had a great time watching Jungle book video after all these days! Chennaite by birth and brought up in Gujjuland?? Very interesting Very Interesting!

  14. priyaiyer


    :)) thats why i put up the disclaimer!

    thanks for roaming thru my blog! 🙂

    yenna interesting? :O

  15. “The Diary of a Father” was wonderful. 🙂

  16. We won’t be shouting jobless people anymore…coz this is worse than jobless…You could have thought of a better name even…Phew…

    Thank God We really don’t know what you ppl do when you are alone…I guess GOd, in his own ways, wanted us to live longer!

  17. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂


    :)) ya, God has his own ways!

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