I am here this time with some videos that I loved and would love to see again and again.

Courtesy: Friends.  Check them out and haffun! 🙂

Note: Please keep your speakers on!

Friday vs Monday

Spectacular Playback

On life

On change


Beautiful hair

 How much do you love your girlfriend?

 Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 🙂



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7 responses to “Haffun!!!

  1. ha ha ha!!!! too good!! :))…

  2. neha

    hey ,

    all the videos were wonderful……..

    i always apreciate u whenever u do some gud work……

    i enjoyed a lot ur work on music nd now this time on video

    continue doing the same …….force the readers like me to leave the comments

  3. neha

    aaaar..e haaaa…….why dont u try on the poem which u were used to write in ur school nd college days…..

    waiting for ur hearrttoching poems…..

  4. neha

    also put some comments with ur videos next time………

    ur comments wot u think ……hows ur imaginations work for tht particular video………

  5. priyaiyer


    🙂 thanks!

    @neha, neha again and neha yet again

    welcome here (i mean welcome to the comments section, not to the blog)! thanks! 🙂

    i was thinking of putting up my expert comments on the videos in this post, but i then decided against it as i thought it would take away the surprise element.

    as for the poems, i am working on that. but my creativity has just flown out of the window these days! 😦 jaane kahan gaye woh din! :(( but i m trying!

  6. Nice ones indeed 🙂 Poems, well, yes we are all waiting)

  7. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂

    as for the poems, nothing comes to mind right now! as i told neha, creativity seems to have taken a back seat now! 😦

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