Notes by a vacationer

Funny how breaking free from the shackles of routine life makes you suddenly more observant about the mundane things in life, isn’t it? Atleast, it happened with me. Suddenly, as I started out on my trip yesterday, it was as if I became more sensitive than usual to the things around me.

The trip to the airport after the usual instructions (‘Jagartheya po’ and ‘Poi sendha udane phone pannu’ ) was an eye opener. It made me aware of how the hustle and bustle of daily life has taken away from me from the ‘time to stand and stare’. After ages, I travelled in silence to the airport in the company  of nature. I witnessed the glory of the sun rising. I felt the manifestation of God’s greatness in nature. There are many places in Ahmedabad, which I would love to visit when I go back. Sadly, I have never been to these places though I have been in the city for the last quarter century.

The flight was uneventful as such. Paulo Coelho kept me entertained throughout the 2-hour journey with his narration of the poignant story ‘By the river Piedra I sat down and wept’ in the paperback format.  Only announcements by the crew made me look up from the book.

One announcement in particular made me fall in love with the miracle called life once again. It was an announcement that we were flying at 37000 feet above ground level at a certain point in time. I don’t know why, but this brought out the philosopher in me. It made me realise that I was alive and kicking at a time when I was flying amidst the clouds. I have known instances of people dying in the strangest of ways, within the confines of their homes. Maybe their reason for being on earth had been fulfilled. Maybe mine has not yet been.

The flight landed bang on time at Bengalooru airport. Travelling to my relative’s place, the first thing to strike me was the pleasant climate. I had traversed from a temperature of 34 degrees to one of 24 degrees. Wine shops on the roads are a new sight for me, as opposed to the dry state that I come from. Rangolis adorning the doorsteps every morning, flowers selling at each and every nook and corner, colorful silk sarees and shouts of ‘Channagiddira?’ are a novelty for me. 🙂

The last two days, I have been the vettiest person on earth, catching up on lost conversations, sleep and books. I am loving every moment of it. But, somehow, I am thankful that I have a job and a busy life to go back to after a vacation full of vettiness.

That’s it for now. If that sounds like one big vetti rant, well, what else do you expect from a vetti blogger on vacation? 🙂



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3 responses to “Notes by a vacationer

  1. Apdiye konjam Chennai pakammum vanthutu porathu!

    And as for the flight trip, I fully understand how you would have felt.

    Here is my take on it.

  2. 🙂 I love such vetti rants… it actually brings out the true us.. the ones without inhibitions or fear of being judged.. just a flow of thoughts and words.. prose like it should be 😉

    happy being vetti.. I wish you have loads of work when you return (yep, you are kottifying my stomach erichchal..thats y)

  3. priyaiyer


    chennai next trip pota pochu! 🙂

    read ur take on a flight trip, enjoyed it thoroughly! 🙂 this was not my first trip, but i love it all the same.


    ya, me loves vetti ranting too! more to follow in the days to come! 🙂

    thanks for the good wishes! no thanks for the not-so-good wishes! 😦

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