Unconditional love

Dearest baby,


How are you doing?


Now that we’ve broken the news of our being in love to our respective families and they have given their consent, we can consider ourselves officially engaged. Sweetheart, I am missing you terribly in this strange land and I wish you could be here with me, but what can I do? My boss does not understand love. He sent me to Australia on an assignment when all I wanted was to be with you. I could have refused, but that would have cost me quite a hefty sum of money. And I wanted to save that money for our future. Darling that you are, I know you will say that we already have enough, what do you need more for? But baby, let me tell you that the world is not what you think. It is a cold, unbecoming place. You are not valued without money. So, a letter is all that I can write to you. I could have called you, but you know, the company does not pay for the personal calls that I make from my cell phone. When I talk to you, I seem to lose all sense of time and place. The call would cost me a hell of a lot of money. And what’s sweeter than a fiancé writing a love letter to his fiancée?


Ok sweetheart, let us come back to brass tacks. We were discussing our upcoming marriage ceremony the last time we met. You wanted to have a quiet temple marriage and a party for our closest pals. I discussed this idea with my family, but sadly their ideas differ. They want me to have a mindblowing grand marriage, with all the works. You know, I am the only son in the family. So, they really want to freak out on my wedding. I don’t blame them either. We have a certain social standing and we have to take care of that too, isn’t it? I understand that it would be rather difficult for your father on his government servant’s salary, but then it is only a one-time affair. Can’t we fulfill this little wish of my family’s? Please talk to your parents about this, sweetie.


And yes, I wanted to tell you another important thing too. You know how much I love my sister, don’t you sweetheart? She has done so much for me. I wouldn’t be here today if it were not for her support and guidance. I want you to do something really special for her on our marriage. Let me tell you one more thing darling, she loves gold. Whatever number of gold necklaces she might have, she always wants more of them. So, a gold necklace would be the best thing to gift her. Don’t tell her that I let you in on this secret, baby, ok?


Sweetie, I know you love talking to people and for that very reason, you are in love with your job as a customer care executive. But you know, your shift timings would make it difficult for you to perform your household duties. After all, you are going to be the ‘bahurani’ of the family. I have been thinking about that a lot lately, and it has been worrying me. I also know you are on your way to becoming a team leader soon, but is there anything more important than a home, baby? Why don’t you hand in your papers? Sweetheart, you have told me n number of times that you hate gender discrimination. You hate having to do certain things just because you are a girl. But please do this for me.


I know you will understand me. Just as I know you would never refuse to make a little change in your attire for my sake after marriage – stopping to wear your regular attire of jeans and T-shirt. I know you hate sarees and all the rigid customs, but that’s the way it is in my family, sweetheart.


You know what, darling? One of my colleagues started for India yesterday. He will be visiting our city. He asked me if I wanted to send you a card or something. But I refused. What is in a card? Just read it and then throw it away? It gives you a moment’s pleasure, for which I would be shelling out hard-earned cash. And I don’t see the need for all those fancy things, sweetheart. You already know how much I love you. And you also know how I hate wasting time. It’s very hectic here.


That’s it for now, my baby. I have poured my heart out here. Missing you loads. Just waiting for the D-day to arrive. I will always continue to shower my unconditional love on you for ever and ever.


Hugs and kisses,

Your fiancé



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16 responses to “Unconditional love

  1. what an incompetent, insensitive git!! If I were the girl I’d just tell him where he could go 😐

    🙂 liked the style of narrating a story with a letter.. I always feel a written piece of prose or verse will be a success only when the reader doesn’t see the words and just pictures the events in his/her mind.. this story does exactly that! bravo!

  2. wonderful blog….
    Liked yourposts……

  3. Ha ha ha….He really loves the lady, Unconditionally. This may have been posted as a funny post, but I think these kind of lovers and their families exist in our society. What do you say?

  4. neha

    we pretend tht we are changed by all levels ………..but unfortunately we couldnt change our mentality……..and both men and women are resopsible for it……because she as{ girl ,wife mother , mother in law}s couldnt oppose and never teach her son to break this borrowing chain……we all r part of the game {except me-i broke the chain}

    it is really a good work . At least u dare to explore the naked truth……..and only those make the fun of it who are the part of this game….who pretends tht they are not like them……….but like everything tht come accross the borrowing chain……(asked everthing in very articulate manner….) hope this will be ur first step towards breaking the chain

  5. Well, I don’t think any girl would like to be ‘officially’ engaged to and seriously ‘wanting’ to marry such a person. Unconditional love, to borrow from Portia, must droppeth (like mercy) as the gentle rain from heaven. It cannot pre suppose anything. Sadly, the state in our society is very much as you have picturised.
    Wonderful articulation of the idea. Great writing 🙂

  6. priyaiyer


    me too would do the same! 🙂

    thanks a lot! 🙂


    thanks! welcome here! 🙂


    ya, i guess it could hav qualified to be posted under the ‘humour’ category,but unfortunately, it depicts the sad state of our society. 😦 yes, from what i have seen, i do think such things still happen in our society. 😦


    way to go! 🙂 what u say is very, very true!


    thanks! 🙂

    wow! thats a beautiful quote! loved it! 🙂

  7. lovely post. liked the story 🙂 now, write the part where the girl replies. 🙂

  8. priyaiyer

    @rusty neurons

    thanks! 🙂 yep, will do that! great idea! 🙂

  9. liked the style… but are people really like that nowadays???

  10. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂

    yep, some are! 😦 thankfully, not all! 🙂

  11. Brinda

    Guys claim to be very broad minded, but all that is only till they fall in love.. Then, once their parents agree to their choice, they try to obey their every command and satisfy their demands.. If they feel that the girl is not worthy of their status, they should have thought about it before falling in love rather than harrasing her later.. It is indeed a sad state..

  12. priyaiyer


    sad but true. 😦 have heard that some girls too ‘changed’ after being engaged. what i don’t understand is the need for pretence. if you expect something from your would-be, it is way better to discuss it with him/her right from the initial stages rather than letting the cat out of the bag at a later stage. 😦

  13. Saumya

    If I were the girl, the guy would know where to go !!! 🙂 Well written piece..

  14. priyaiyer


    he he! same here! 🙂 thanks!

  15. Nice post Priya.
    I could not help but think, how sometimes we tend to glamorize love and emotion, and before people realize the importance and significance as to what a relationship should mean to one another, they end up believing they are in one.
    I don’t think I would blame a couple for that, there are so many reasons and pressures on them to do things in a certain way they do. But then realizing importance of love/relation does take a lot out of a person

  16. priyaiyer


    hey! welcome here! quite a nice blog you’ve got. will go through your posts at leisure. 🙂

    thanks! yep, i agree. accepting a person just as he/she is – that is the purest form of love. yes, i understand the pressures and reasons and the difficulties involved, but it would ultimately be worth the effort. and people do evolve with time and adjust to each other’s requirements over a period of time. it is pointing out these things to your partner and forcing change that is wrong. such things should come naturally, out of own free will.

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