On illogical comments

This post is for those jobless individuals who just do the not-so-noble task of commenting on other people’s blogs with the only intention of putting them down and spoiling their day.

You are hereby informed that such comments would be promptly deleted without consideration for even a single moment, because you do not deserve it. Such comments will not be entertained at all. Kindly do not waste your time and energy (if at all you value them, as you don’t seem to) on typing out such insane comments, because this blogger is not so easily put down. Moreover, I do highly value my time and energy. However, if you wish to have a LOGICAL discussion on any of my posts, you are most welcome to drop in a line in the comments box. Thanks.  



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10 responses to “On illogical comments

  1. Damn i can’t comment anymore then…:O

  2. priyaiyer


    your comment has not been deleted. it has been approved. that means that note was not for u! 🙂

  3. Oh, thankfully I don’t have such problems in my blog – atleast until now. And hopefully, my comments make some sense and don’t waste people’s time…

  4. priyaiyer


    thats good! 🙂 and yes, your comments do make sense and are not time-wasting! 🙂 i was not referring to u.

  5. priyaiyer


    i know that! 🙂

  6. Sometimes I think I wouldn’t mind the insulting, thoughtless comments; my comment box looks pathetically empty.
    I’ve always wondered, though. Why do people leave comments of that sort? Does hurting a person give them some twisted satisfaction?

  7. priyaiyer


    :)) at your remarks about your comment box.

    😦 about such comments and the people leaving them. dunno what it gives them!

  8. 🙂 i agree with princess! My comment box is nothing much to speak of either!

    On a serious note, it is disgusting to see people who are sadistic enough to leave unwanted, unsolicited dirty and hurtful comments. We really cant do much except feel sorry for those people.

  9. priyaiyer

    @rusty neurons

    well, my comment section is nothing to speak of too, but i would rather have no comments than disgusting comments! 😦

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