Bye bye 2007

Like birds, let us leave behind what we don’t need to carry this new year – grudges, sadness, pain, fear and regrets. Fly light.

Quote: Received by way of SMS

Wishing you all a very happy new year 2008. May all of us see our dreams come true in this coming year. May this year bring new promises. May the year ahead of us be a wonderful and memorable one.

At this point, I would like to thank all those of you who have been reading and commenting, as well as been great friends. It means a lot to me. Thanks for being there. 🙂  See you in 2008.

Do listen to this wonderful track, which I think is just the perfect song for New Year eve.




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7 responses to “Bye bye 2007

  1. Wonderful picture…so nice…

  2. Happy new Year priya.. and hope to see more and more lovely stuff as always here, in the coming year.

  3. priyaiyer

    @aparna, sathej, sn and rambler

    thanks all of you. hope to see your wonderful posts and comments here in 2008 as well. 🙂

  4. Wish you a very happy new year as well. Visited you blog last night and started off the New year with Yun Hi Chala! Hope it proves lucky! And what are all these snow flakes doing here?! And thanks a ton for the link to my blog for the post on Vanessa Mae’s song. Should have told that long know the way I am!

  5. priyaiyer


    hey! happy new year to you too! 🙂 hope the song proves lucky for me too! 🙂

    the snowflakes are there bcos it is snowing in wordpress till 2nd jan. they will be gone tmrw. 🙂

    thanks once again for the lovely song. ya, i know the way you are. 🙂

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