A day to remember

31st December 2007 was a day to remember for me, for sure. Besides the end of the year 2007, it signified the end of something else too for me. And the end of something signifies the beginning of some other thing.

Ok, I won’t make it confusing any more. Yesterday was the end of my journey with my wonderful team mates. Yesterday was my last day at work in this organisation. I will soon be joining another firm. A new beginning in my career, which will bring about many changes in my personal life as well. I got this great opportunity some time back and grabbed it with both hands. I am hoping and praying for this to be a milestone in my life.

The book ‘Wings of fire’ was gifted to me earlier for this very occasion. That is what I was ranting about here.

This post is a hopeless effort to rope into words the feelings that I had yesterday. ‘Thank you’ would probably not be sufficient to express my gratitude for all the love and warmth shown by my team mates and for the wonderful farewell that they gave me. I was and still am touched beyond words. Any amount of words would not be enough to describe the beauty of it all. But I will try.

The day began like any other ordinary day, with an hour-long meeting with our Executive Director being the only change. The fun began only after lunch hour. As part of a conspiracy that I was not aware of, I was taken out of office immediately after lunch by 2 conspirator colleageues on the pretext of using the spare time we had for a brisk walk. When we returned, what I saw before me left me stunned. My entire work space was covered with post-it notes, with scribblings on them. There were atleast 50 notes, containing comments on every little nuance of mine, from my speaking style, my expressions and dress and hairdo to my habit of carrying books and blogging. A note with ‘We will miss Uniquely Priya’ scribbled over it was stuck prominently in the middle of my computer screen.



Brilliant idea! 🙂 A moving gesture!

I thought the excitement had ended, but it hadn’t just then. Some time later, there was an informal ‘farewell ceremony’ from the entire team, with a little speech from each. Me received a cute pen holder as a parting gift. Another beautiful gesture was a card with personalised messages written by each member. Frankly speaking, it took me a lot of effort not to break into tears there and then. I really felt blessed, loved, cared for and protected.


Amidst hugs and handshakes, I stepped out of office yesterday. My 9-month sojourn ended, but I know a bond has been forged, a long-lasting, strong one. The last year saw many changes in my life, my relationship with this organisation and my team being one of the most memorable ones. Yes, there were both positives and negatives, but the beautiful memories far exceed the ugly ones. And that is what I will hold on to.

These beautiful memories shall be cherished forever, just as the notes and other paraphernelia would be safely preserved. I will miss these people. I will miss the nonsensical mails and IMs we used to send to each other, the laughs we shared, each and every moment. In fact, I am already missing them, but they will always be close to my heart.

Dear colleagues, especially N Sir and the team,

Thank you, people, for everything. It was lovely working with all of you. You people mean a lot to me. Keep in touch and keep reading and commenting, as you have always done. I know your goodwill is always with me.  



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22 responses to “A day to remember

  1. knew you would come up with this 🙂 goood goood

  2. Dear Priya,

    We 2 will miss u………………..Take Care…..

    Keep in touch……..

  3. Megha S

    Hi Priya! Wish I were with you at that day….. Have a wonderful time ahead…… Cheers 🙂

  4. Hi Priya,

    Happy new year!!

    So a new beginning from this year with new job. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors!!

    Its been pleasure working with you. I really miss u.. You are the one to whom i talk in Tamil and i enjoyed a lot….

    That was an unforgetable moments( forwarded mails, paayasam, chating thru mails, exchanging Tamil film cd…

    Uff!!! i really going to miss you!!

    Ok then bye for now!! Just Keep in touch!!

    With Best Wishes…


  5. wow really a great moment is that. blessed to hav like that….cool post 😉

  6. hey best of luck with your new job, indeed you seem to be lucky to have such good team mates..
    BTW let us all know about your take on the book, once you are done reading, would be nice to read a review

  7. Me

    Happy New Year!

    Good Luck on your new Job…

  8. This post took me by surprise. So you are starting the new year with a new job! All the best Priya.

  9. Nice way and a great day to make a shift to a new venture. Have a great new year both at personal and work front.

    Enjoy the moment!

  10. priyaiyer


    i wanted to! my friends deserve this! 🙂 and they are happy!

    @priya m, ganesh and megha

    thanks for the wishes. i m missing u people too. i’ll never forget the beautiful momenets we shared. we’ll definitely keep meeting! 🙂

    @teky and rambler

    thanks for the wishes. ya, i m blessed in that department! 🙂 will be putting up a ‘review’ of the book as soon as i am done reading it. parts of it look technical though.

    its one thing to read a book and quite another to write a review that does not suck! 🙂

    @ me, hari, gopinath and princess

    thanks, folks, for the wishes. 🙂

  11. Beautiful post…All the best.

  12. 🙂 new beginnings, indeed! good luck, Ms.PI!

    so you won’t be working with Shilpi anymore? man, that must hurt! 😦 did you think of abducting Shilpi and taking her with you to your new workplace? might be worth it you know.. 😉

  13. Suriya Narayanan

    hey! All the best priya..for ur next job..

  14. Wow….Congrats yaar. That calls for a treat 🙂

    The “Post it” notes idea was really so touching. Makes you even reconsider the idea to quit 🙂

  15. priyaiyer


    danke! 🙂


    thank you, madam. ya, not working with such wonderful colleagues any more hurts for sure. but we keep meeting. it’s been 3 days since i left the job, and we’ve already met twice. 😀 as for kidnapping shilpi to my new office, that’s a great idea. will think of that. 😀


    danks! 🙂


    vanakkam sir! danks! 🙂 yes, i almost reconsidered my quitting on that day, but then decided i had to move on.

    here’s ur treat:
    http://glutenfreemommy.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/chocolate-cake.jpg 😀

  16. Shilpi Sharma


    first of all thanks for writing all the good things about me dear….a beautiful post as usual….loved it…we actually did nothing if we compare it wid the luv we got from u n your friendship…. aur “YEH TO HAMARA FARZ THA” 😉

    we all miss u….its very boring working without your stupid filmy acts…. n i wish that whatever the other Priya is saying comes true soon……parcel is ready 🙂 someone plz deliver it to the right place…..n she can also join us ….all the sweetus will thn work together….WOW! just thinking about it made me cheerful 🙂

    Lucky to have all of you in my life……all the sweetus out there….LOVE YOU LOTS
    n a special thanks to Pinki for initiating this fantastic idea of sweetu community.

    All the very best to you
    God bless

    Lotsa luv
    Shilpi Sharma
    Sweetu Community

  17. priyaiyer


    ‘yeh toh hamara farz tha….’ ms filmy…. 🙂 you are every bit like what i described. missing you too and hope we get a chance to work together again. i am lucky to have come across you guys in life. loads of love to you all.

  18. Shilpi Sharma

    nothing new on the blog???????
    m waiting to read something interesting my dear……..

  19. priyaiyer


    hmm…. not able to write anything these days… 😦 blogger’s block or writer’s block or whatever, dunno…

  20. Monisha

    O Priyaa aa aa, O Priyaa aa aa

    A lovely post dear! Thanks for all the goody goody things u hv written about all of us. Really proud to be a member of this ever growing sweetu community. Anyways, hope the tradition of both of us working together continues and we bang into each other at the same working place once again! Amen!

    Please keep updating your posts madam, i check it out thrice a day to find the same thing, we all waiting for your post!

    May you get the bestest of everything in life!

    Sweetu Community!

  21. priyaiyer


    danks for the wishes! you guys are really worth it! 🙂

    as for the posts, jee madamji. hum koshish karte hain! 🙂

    thrice a day????? i m flattered…. 😀

    double amen to that wish! may we bump into one another at the same workplace once again! 🙂

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