Disappointments and gratifications – take 2

Hey there! Her royal highness has been very, very vetti the past few days. She mostly did nothing in these days, except catching up with friends and movies. She has not been doing as much reading as she would like to. 😦 And now, she’s here again to bore others with her take on what she found good and what not. So here goes:

Jab We Met : Saw the Kareena- Shahid starrer and liked it. Nice, sweet entertainer. Great comedy. Particularly liked the second half of the movie and liked Shahid’s mature role very much. What made me enjoy the movie even more was the English subtitles on the CD, which was very much like translating ‘Chalte chalte nadi aayi’ into ‘Walking walking came the river’. 🙂

All the songs are nice, but loved these two in particular:

Chhoti si baat: Saw this movie again after a long time and liked it again. Usually, our Bollywood heroes are tall and handsome with admirable social skills. Amol Palekar beautifully plays the role of the shy, not-so-handsome guy next door who is not able to profess his love for his girl. Very, very real-life, with an element of fantasy thrown in. Lovely songs. Particularly liked these:

I simply adore the song Janemann Janemann from this movie, which I had earlier posted here.

Adhu oru kana kaalam: 😦 Not my cup of tea. Liked the heroine, though – pretty and sweet. Liked this song as well:

Pyaar kiya toh darna kya: Saw this movie initially when I was in school. It was fun seeing it again after all these days and it brought back lots of memories. An entertainer, no doubt. Loved the movie when I was a teenager, but now it is just a timepass kind of movie for me. Shows that I’ve grown. 🙂

Lovely songs, all of them, but liked these in particular:

Apart from this, I have been obsessed with music these days, with ‘something plugged into my ears 24 hours’, as per amma. Seem to be hooked to these songs:

Jaane kya chahe mann bawra

Teri deewani

Piya re

Channa ve



Lagan laagi tum se

That’s it for now. Keep tuned. Same blog. Same place. 🙂


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6 responses to “Disappointments and gratifications – take 2

  1. Of course, we are all tuned in, same blog, same place:) Keep writing…

  2. nice selection of songs in there..
    I had hated Pyar kiya to darna kya when I saw it..you were in school when that came out???. oh man that makes me sound so old 😀

  3. priyaiyer


    🙂 yep, i will…


    danke! yep, i was in school when the movie was released. you? now i m curious. 🙂

  4. Jane-Kya-Chahe-Mann, Teri deewani are among my favorites.

  5. one person cannot have this much free time!!!! it’s a crime!!!

    I haven’t opened my book in 3 days now ~goes away sulking~ and you get to watch this many movies?!! 😦

    P.S: I watched Jab We Met too, and liked it. Kareena, for once, was good 🙂

  6. priyaiyer


    welcome here again! 🙂 ya, lovely songs, both of them…


    he he! i m taking a break after a baaaaaaaaaaaaad period…. 🙂 very soon, i m gonna have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad case of the blues… 😦

    ya, jab we met is good. for a change, liked kareena. 🙂

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