Priya’s kitchen

Hello, people! Finally I got around to doing what has been on my pending list for quite some time and started a recipe blog – Priya’s kitchen. Updates to the recipe blog might not be as frequent as this blog, though.

However, the recipes will be presented in the simplest way possible. Some of the recipes might be customised to meet my tastes. You can add or deduct ingredients as you feel like.

Before you view the blog, let me put up a disclaimer first. I do not claim to be an expert cook, but I love cooking. It gives me a lot of satisfaction, though I don’t do it as often as I should. Some of the recipes that I am planning to put up on the recipe blog have been passed on since generations in our family, while some I have learnt from here and there. You might even know some of the recipes. Finally, I would like to add that the blogger does not accept responsiblity for any damage caused to any reader on account of the preparation and consumption of any recipe stated on this blog.  🙂

Do check out the first post on this blog today.



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14 responses to “Priya’s kitchen

  1. Suriya Narayanan

    Blogspot welcomes you…:-)

  2. voila! excellent.. now i got a guru to take culinary lessons!

  3. priyaiyer


    danke! 🙂


    he he! no guru and all. still learning the tricks. just wanted to simplify things! 🙂

  4. Hi
    enna ellarum…cooking a pathi…blog ..
    Anyway Happy new year..I hope ur ok..

  5. priyaiyer


    hey! how r u? long time no see? happy new year to you too…

    yep, this is a new venture. 😀 let’s see how well it goes…

  6. why blogspot 😦 ..
    you can have had another in wordpress i guess.. ?? 😀

  7. priyaiyer


    due to limitations in wordpress on uploading pictures, i chose blogspot for the cooking blog. let’s see how it turns out! 🙂

  8. they give you 50 mb and you can upload more than 500 pics..what else do you want 😛
    and there are always image hosting sites which are available for free..
    anyways happy blog spotting..

  9. priyaiyer


    danks! 🙂

  10. hey all the stuff on your cookery blog, is making my mouth watery :((

  11. priyaiyer


    he he! then just cook it and eat it, man! 🙂

  12. Scared because… to say the least, “no, not interested now” does sound vaguely familiar …

  13. oops wrong post, this had to go to the “The date” post 🙂

  14. priyaiyer


    🙂 i see how scared you are! it’s ok… come on… it’s only a story… 😀

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