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Hey folks! 

After what feels like ages, I am back to some random ranting on my blog. I wonder if the severe cold wave we are having now has got something to do with the way my fingers have been hovering over the keyboard almost the whole of last month in an attempt to type out something that might be worth reading, but my brain freezing before any idea can be translated into words. The past month has been difficult for me in terms of writing. Writer’s block? Blogger’s block, maybe? I don’t know what and why. This post is a humble attempt to get out of it, whatever it might be, and to get back to doing the thing I love a lot on a regular basis – writing. Do share, in the comments section, your recipe for curing such blocks. What do you do when you find that you are suddenly not able to do the thing you once used to enjoy a lot?

Coming back to the cold wave, it has been freezing cold here the past week, with Gujarat experiencing the lowest temperatures in the last 10 years. God knows how many days have passed since I saw the sun in the afternoon. 😦 It is that time of the year when I wonder if this is actually the same place where temperatures go up as high as 45 degrees in April-May.

The health of several people here has been affected by the severe cold, including my grandma. One chilly morning last week saw her pulse dipping lower and lower, and her losing conciousness. Fortunately, she came to soon after. The doctor said we would have probably lost her, but she still had some life left in her. Seeing her losing conciousness and regaining it back again made me aware of the miracles of life. She’s doing better now.

The past week also saw me updating my library. New additions:

  • At first sight – Nicholas Sparks
  • The Wedding – Nicholas Sparks
  • Curious lives – Richard Bach
  • The autobiography of a sex worker – Nalini Jameela
  • PS: I love you – Cecelia Ahern
  • Swami and friends – R.K. Narayan
  • Marley and me – John Grogan

I am in the mood for reading fiction these days and experimenting with different authors. Couldn’t resist picking up the book (non-fiction) by Nalini Jameela after its cover page caught my attention in the book store.  

At present, Nicholas Sparks is soothing me with his love story ‘At first sight’. I have come to love Sparks’ writing style. Each of his books is a romance novel, but not the typical mushy one. His books deal with romance in a very mature, sensible and realistic sort of way. A far cry from the Mills and Boons I used to read. 🙂 The man has a wonderful way of dealing with complex and delicate emotional subjects. Waiting to read more of him.

Another book that has me hooked now is Shobha De’s ‘Speedpost’. It is a collection of letters written by her to her children at various stages in life. Like ‘Spouse’, this one is also straightforward, but it is sweeter and a different kind of book. It gives the reader a picture of Shobha as a mother. I would say it familiarises one to the emotions that probably all mothers go through, but never actually put into words. 

I finished reading ‘How I taught my grandmother to read’ by Sudha Murthy. Like ‘Wise and Otherwise’ and ‘The Old Man and his god’, this one is also a collection of her essays on various experiences in her life. Got a glimpse of a gutsy lady, who is a philanthrophist at heart. Would love to meet her some day in life. 🙂 On second thoughts, would love to meet Paulo Coelho and Robin Sharma some day. 🙂 If only wishes could come true!

I know it is pathetic, but I just saw ‘Mr. and Mrs. Iyer’ and ‘Om Shanti Om’, after the whole world has seen them. 🙂

I absolutely loved Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. It is a beautiful movie, with a highly sensitive topic dealt with in a superb way. It couldn’t have been better. No scene, no dialogue, nothing seems out of place. Everything is just perfect. Very much my type of movie. As for OSO, it has been some time since I saw such a crappy and predictable movie. However, I liked the heroine and the music, especially the ‘Ajab si’ song. ‘Dil mein mere hai dard-e-disco’ – ugggghhhhh…. 😦

Well, that is it for now. Hoping to snap back into action in blogosphere, the way it used to be. Ciao! Stay tuned! 🙂



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10 responses to “Just another rambling

  1. Nice post….shall comment in detail later….

  2. Hi Priya… Plan a south india trip every january hereafter to beat the cold winter !!! We are in too comfort zone 🙂

    I enjoyed the first half of OSO very much and second half is completely predictable (ulta of RDB was bit unexpected although).

  3. hey thanks for the book list, both here and as well as on my post.. I really need to check up on all these.

    I did like Mr and Mrs Iyer, was a very good movie. OSO have not seen though 🙂

    curious lives.. Need to check that out, Richard Bach anyday up for that one 🙂

  4. priyaiyer

    @all of you – your way of dealing with a block pls……


    danks! sure thing! 🙂

    @vijay ganesh

    hi! welcome here! visiting the south when it is winter here. well, that’s a great idea. 😀

    as for oso, the less said the better. 🙂


    u r welcome. 🙂 i loved mr and mrs iyer, and if you havent seen oso, dont even try to. 🙂

    i have read only jonathan livingston seagull by richard bach. somehow it didnt touch me the way it should have. will try to read it again. thats the reason why i bought curious lives, to see if it is just that one book that didnt click. 🙂

  5. I think you should start with the book “One”.. and may be bridge across forever if you like romance, not the mushy kind.

  6. priyaiyer


    oh i see. well, let’s see, maybe the next time i raid the book store… 😀

  7. Oh, cold wave is it….take care….ad regards writer’s/blogger’s blog, you seems to have overcome it already 🙂 Haven’t read Sparks as yet….shall do it sometime. Enjoy reading the books. Meeting Coelho and Robin Sharma – well, there are quite a few people whom I would like to meet as well. Yes, hope wishes came true 🙂

    Hope your grandmother is doing better now


  8. priyaiyer


    hopefully, i hav overcome it. lets see. 🙂 cold wave has hopefully passed too.

    yep, grandma is better now. thanks for asking. 🙂

  9. Read this post only now! A lot of similarities between my recent post and yours I think!! You have a totally different taste when it comes to books. May be it has to do something with our genders. Of all the books you have mentioned, I have read only Swami and friends! Lovely book. Used to borrow it from my college library.

  10. priyaiyer


    yep, there are a lot of similarities. btw, this is not what i usually pick up in a bookstore. much taunted by friends for reading ‘ungirlish’ things and needing a respite from all the non fiction books read in the past few months, changed my shopping list drastically. 🙂

    havent yet read swami and friends. will do soon. 🙂

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