Hey folks! I am back on my blog after a week. The world did not exactly stop in its tracks while I was gone, but I am still glad to be back. 😀

The past week just did not happen to be one of the best in my life, me being a bit under the weather with viral fever. 😦  Eating pathetically bland food, checking the temperature 1001 times a day, taking meds that suck, feeling groggy all the time and sleeping and waking up at ungodly hours – these have been the highlights of the past week, with reading and music being the only saviours. 😦  And, of course, being fussed over by family. 😀

It looks like it is going to take a few more days to get out of it all. Frankly, I am fed up and bored and hope to get back to my normal self and routine soon.

Now that the cribbing is done, let me get down to the main subject matter of the post. 🙂  An attempt at shaking off the cobwebs that seem to have enveloped those creative cells in my fuddled brain of late:


Ek mere sapnon ka nagar hai,

Ek vastavikta ka,

Ek meri manzil hai,

Dooja mera gaon;


Dono ke beech

Faasla hai gazab ka,

Is faasle ko mitane chala hoon,

Shayad khud hi mitne chala hoon;


Vismit hoon main

Is faasle ko dekh kar,

Ik sawaal utthta hai baar baar-

Wahan pahunchunga kaise?



Na raaston ki khabar,

Na koi humsafar,

Na hi hai saath

Kisi margdarshak ka;


Yun hi

Asamanjas mein,

Sochta hoon, mehsoos karta hoon,

Apni manzil ko;



Nazar aane lagte hain


Apne aap se;


Nahi rehta dil mein

Koi ranj,

Koi shak ya shikayat;



Shuru hoti hai

Ek nayi koshish,

Aur faasle mitne lagte hain….


A futile attempt at translation, taking some creative liberties:

There is the land of my dreams,

And there is the land of reality,

One is my destination,

The other where I reside;

A huge distance there is

Between the two,

Set off have I to close this distance,

And this may be, just maybe, the end of me;

Dumbstruck am I,

Looking to this great distance,

A question rises in the mind time and again-

How am I going to make it?

No knowledge have I of the paths,

Nor have any fellow traveller,

Neither do I have

A guide to show me light;

Weary in soul,


I think of my destination

And feel what it would be like;

 It is now that

I see the paths,

Almost magically,

And I know then what to do;

There is no weariness in the soul then,

No doubts,

No regrets,

No complaints;

Then begins

A new endeavour,

A new journey,

And the great distance begins to close….



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16 responses to “Faasle

  1. D.K.Suriya

    Sorry to hear that you were sick…would appreciate if you kindly give the english translation of the poem.

  2. if it’s ur poem pi then why are u using a masculine address?

    “Is faasle ko mitane *chala hoon*,

    Shayad khud hi mitne *chala hoon*;

    Ik sawaal utthta hai baar baar-

    Wahan *pahunchunga* kaise?”

    nice try though… 😉

  3. what a way to return to blogging .. amazing lyrics… very lyrical

  4. priyaiyer


    at the moment, translation seems like a huuuuuuuuge task. will put it up soon. please bear till then. 🙂


    i honestly don’t know. it just came out that way naturally. i didn’t try to change it. somehow ‘khud hi mitne chala hoon’ and ‘fasle ko mitane chala hoon’ sounded better than ‘khud hi mitne chali hoon’ and ‘fasle ko mitane chali hoon’. 🙂

    thanks! 🙂


    danks! 🙂

  5. Wish you a quick recovery Priya….
    About the poem, well, as usual, very nice indeed:)
    Hindi and Urdu mix very good….
    Keep writing….

  6. nice poem… aur waise bhi apni life ke saare answers “true ya faasle” mein mil jaate hai 🙂

  7. Hope you soon become perefctly alright 🙂
    Nice poem!

  8. priyaiyer


    danks! 🙂 er, i didn’t know there was any urdu in there. was there? :O

    @iyer education

    thanks! 🙂 didn’t get the ‘true ya faasle’………… care to enlighten me?


    thanks a lot. i hope so too! 🙂

  9. Monisha

    Lovely lyrics Priyaji. Too too good.
    This shows u r recovering well and we will get to read more of ” Uniquely Priya” :))

    Take good care of yourself. Rest well.

    As Shilpi says: “Member, Sweetu Community”

  10. priyaiyer


    danks! 🙂

  11. Oh, I was of the idea that words like Manzil and Faasla have Urdu roots….long time since I did a course on Hindi though. Anyway, I read a lot of Hindi poems and I find liberal use of such Urdu-based words….

  12. priyaiyer


    no idea! 😦 me too have read such words in hindi poetry quite often…

  13. “Phir

    Shuru hoti hai

    Ek nayi koshish,

    Aur faasle mitne lagte hain….”

    Nice one …… Keep walking … Faasle toh yu hi mit jaate hain 🙂

  14. priyaiyer


    chalne se faasle mit toh jaate hain,
    par jab faasla bahut zyada lage,
    rasta dikhai na de,
    mann mein ho shak ke manzil milegi kaise,
    toh bas aankhein moond kar
    sochein manzil ko,
    aur faasle kam lagne lagte hain,
    phir chaloge manzil ki ore
    toh use paa hi loge….

  15. priyaiyer

    @iyer edu

    :)) yep.

  16. sad attempt at humor… remember “true or false” type questions?

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