The night is nearly spent waiting for him in vain.

I fear lest in the morning he suddenly come to my door when I have fallen asleep, wearied out.

Oh friends, leave the way open to him – forbid him not.

If the sound of his steps does not wake me, do not try to rouse me, I pray. I wish not to be called from my sleep by the clamorous choir of birds, by the riot of wind at the festival of morning light. Let me sleep undisturbed even if my lord comes of a sudden to my door.

Ah, my sleep, precious sleep, which only waits for his touch to vanish. Ah, my closed eyes that would open their lids only to the light of his smile when he stands before me like a dream emerging from darkness of sleep.

Let him appear before my sight as the first of all lights and all forms. The first thrill of joy to my awakened soul, let it come from his glance. And let my return to myself be immediate return to him.

– Tagore in ‘Gitanjali’

This is one among the many verses by the master poet that left me with a sense of awe at his imagination and the simplicity of the words, which create a beautiful image in the mind of the reader. The tenderness and the love in the verse touches the heart.



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5 responses to “Enchanted

  1. D.K.Suriya

    havent read ‘Gitanjali’ so far..shall try reading it.

  2. Beautiful….am speechless….

  3. priyaiyer


    yep, do try it out, especially if you love touching poetry. its a beautiful collection.


    it is one of the verses i found the most beautiful in the book. 🙂

  4. I haven’t read Tagore before.. after this looks I need to pick something of his soon.

  5. priyaiyer


    do check out his collections. they are fantastic. he isnt called master poet for no reason. 🙂 hav heard that his gitanjali and stray birds are the best. do let me know how u found his poems.

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