What benefit do people get when they deliberately make things difficult for other people? When they know they can help one quite easily, in the snap of a finger, but don’t, quite obstinately? Why doesen’t that little voice inside them tell them the right thing to do? Or is it dead?

The only plausible thing I can think of is that they want the other person to help himself. But when the person is literally struggling, gasping for breath, is that the right thing to do? Whatever happened to that quality called humaneness?



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7 responses to “Why?

  1. Exactly….that is the way it is nowadays. Very few understand what it means to help out when it is most needed. There are actually worse people around who are in complete cognizance of one’s problem and yet for some inexplicable reason choose to look the other way. The basic humane touch is lost, shrouded by reasons best known to themselves (I won’t venture to call it selfishness, subscribing to Dawking’s view that everyone of us is selfish in one way or the other – this is actually worse than selfishness).

  2. D.K.Suriya

    Why ?
    The reason being every human being involuntarily follows Charles Darwin`s ‘Struggle for existence’ (Survival of the fittest)theory..

  3. humanity has become a rare virtue

  4. I would say ‘Cheap simple pleasure of vengeance’ – could be ?

  5. Woh! ‘Humaneness’! Take a breath Pi. Did something happen?

  6. Ah! I can relate to wat u are saying.. the world is like that. Scrambling to pull the other person down and make things difficult for everyone around! Though it is very disheartening, I guess we must learn to live with it and move on..

  7. priyaiyer


    thanks for the valuable insights, people!

    if a person has the habit of constantly leaning upon someone, it is best to communicate the fact that he needs to learn to help himself, which is essential. but if the person is not like that and in need of just a little bit of help, we sure can extend a helping hand, if it is not too much of a problem. not everyone is like that, though. for whatever reasons, some people are interested in pulling others down and making things difficult for others. some people pay more attention to creating problems for others than to their own lives. sad, sick, but true. i agree with sementi. there’s no option but to learn to live with it.

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