I flew over mountains,

I flew over deep seas,

I flew over ravines,

I explored new lands;


I flew alone,

And I flew with my mates,

I flew high above,

I flew wherever I pleased;


I drank from flowing rivers,

I ate the fruit in jungles,

I sang sweet melodies,

I perched on the tallest of trees;


I flew one day

To a distant land….


Now I live in a golden cage,

A huge castle it lies in,

There is no eagle to attack  me,

I needn’t fear any more;



I drink from a bowl of silver,

I swing from a silver perch,

I feed on exotic fruit,

And I need worry about food no more;



I sing when I am asked to,

A happy, soulful melody,

My cage now is my world,

I flap my wings within;




The flight of my thoughts,

My memories,

Is all the flight

That is left in me….




Note: 1) My take for the week’s prompt on Writer’s Island – ‘Flight’.

2) I wrote this quite some time back. It also matches the theme.



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5 responses to “Flight

  1. may be thats just the perception..may be theres a lot more flight left, may be she just needs that stroke of realization..

    very well done..

  2. Nice and thoughtful 🙂

  3. priyaiyer


    thanks. agree with you. maybe she just needs a stroke of realisation.


    thanks! 🙂

  4. priyaiyer


    thanks, sn! 🙂

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