The path they came by…

I was looking at the Blog Stats and happened to notice the Search Engine terms. It was entertaining to see how people have landed up on my blog. Here are a few gems:

~ My friend Priya’s birthday is 19th April

Happy birthday, Priya!!!

~ “You are welcome” in Gujarat

Er, who’s this? 🙂

~ Can I talk to you over lunch sometime?

Guess this led to my ‘A lot can happen over lunch’ post. Can’t believe people look up these things on Google!!

~ Pink palm trees


~ Buy an elephant


~ Pariya + Gujarat

LOL…. Nice variation of my name…. “Pariya”

~ Gulab julaab rehte

LOL… LOL….. LOL…. Guess this led to the One-Two-Three post!

~ Lost something nice back home torrent

NIiiiiiiiiiice! ‘The torrent’, perhaps?

~ Crying school

Crying school???!!!!

~ How tall is a normal zebra?


~ I don’t love you.


~ Will you tell him?

?????!!!!! again.

Check out your Blog Stats too, people! It’s fun! 😀


Folks, I have a li’l request. I am fed up of reading stories full of pain and depression and abnormalities. I am also tired of reading deep, heavy stuff. I want to read something light and uplifting. Something sweet, which would not tax my brain, but would remain with me long after I have read it. If you can think of something like that, please drop in a line in the comments section. Thanks.



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18 responses to “The path they came by…

  1. Hmm….rather interesting 🙂

  2. how do you check this?? i would love to see mine

  3. priyaiyer


    yep, it is fun indeed! 🙂


    for that, u would hav to migrate to wordpress. its a feature wordpress offers. 😀

  4. try ‘hitchhikers guide to galaxy’ by douglas adams if u haven’t read already..

    or watch/read ‘to kill a mockingbird’ by harper lee… 😉

  5. something light?..check out the daily dilbert :)…

    btw the search terms are really surprising.. its fun many a times

  6. priyaiyer


    i have heard a lot about both books. havnt read either. hav to check them out. thanks. 🙂


    dilbert?? i didn’t mean THAT light!!! 🙂 i need something chetan-bhagat or nicholas-sparks type – light but interesting. any ideas?

  7. Me


    Unfortunately I cannot provide entertainment like this. I turned off the search engines from indexing my blog.

    Checkout Alpha’s blogs. She is my fav. Start with Alpha-1 and then proceed with reading the archives of Alpha-2

    Sharan: Install scripts from statcounter, sitemeter or google analytics.

  8. priyaiyer


    why???? any issues with blog??? its good in a way, though. you can have ur privacy to an extent.

    thanks for the links. will check out soon.

  9. Me

    Didn’t link properly. So here it is…Alpha-2

    I don’t want my relatives, friends, colleagues to land up on my blog.

  10. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂


  11. ROFL 😀 Me will do it as well 😛 Sounds neat 😀

  12. priyaiyer


    thanks. yep, do it. would love to check out your version. 🙂
    btw, u and sharan hav a tag pending, illai? 😛

  13. Try “Losing My virginity” of Richard Branson – autobio

  14. I too have a tag pending 🙂

  15. priyaiyer

    @vijay ganesh

    cool. will chk out on google. thanks for the suggestion. 🙂


    yep, so you do. 😛

  16. @ me..
    thanks whoever you are!!

  17. LOL @ all your search engine terms! Half of mine seem to be porn searches…wot, people??!! 😀

    I’m rather sick of reading depressing rants too (mine and others) so I’m looking for decent writing that isn’t dukhi as well. Will you tell me too if you find anything good?

  18. priyaiyer


    hey! welcome here! 🙂

    as for interesting things to read, read my blog. 😀 JOkes apart, i heard the following books are interesting light reads:

    1) True love and other lies – Whitney Gaskell
    2) Messiah’s handbook – richard bach
    3) the bridges of madison county – robert james waller
    4) a thousand country roads – robert james waller
    5) undomesticated goddess – sophie kinsella

    warning: all of the above except messiah’s handbook contain some component of chick-lit and romance. 🙂

    on second thoughts, you can pick up chetan bhagat or harry potter for light reads. 🙂

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