Life’s like that

These days I feel

The world runs on………

……….. Butter.

The more you apply, the smoother it is for you. 🙂



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14 responses to “Life’s like that

  1. People always like to hear praise about themselves. Sadly, the temporal nature of such things is hardly realised by them.
    Irritating really.

  2. You should apply more of it while talking too. I mean in thamizh.

  3. agreed…and i dont feel anything wrong abt it – butterin someone/something…is a +ve thing actually..

  4. priyaiyer


    ahem. ‘temporal nature’… that sounded so very philosophical. 😀 but yes, it is irritating at times.

    @arun sundar

    hey! welcome here! 🙂

    didn’t get what you are saying. care to enlighten me?


    i somehow don’t feel comfortable with it. it seems so artificial. when you see something good in a person, appreciating that is good. but just going on and on when you actually have nothing for that person, just to get your work done – makes me feel sick. maybe i still need to learn the ways of the world. 🙂 maybe later, i’ll be comfortable with buttering.

  5. yep..thats abt the real life part UP…but my comment was more related to the professional environment – ‘butterin’ always is the right way that works out to reach the goal , and truly this is what they teach even in IIMs …I read somewhere – the first lesson taught in IIMs is that – “Remember to lose your game when you play with your boss”..if you are a person of strong principles you often stay where you are in a professional can never get the work done out of it…in thamizh they rightly say “until you reach the top..valanju valanju dhan poaganum..” .So until you attain what you want you need to be artificial and do a smooth ‘butterin..’..once attaining your goal – you can be what you truly want to be and show your original face.

    seri romba karuthu pesaren 🙂 ..just wanted to share my opinion..let me stop here..

  6. welcome to the corporate jungle 🙂

    and if you are already there, then “happy realization” 🙂

  7. Agreed. But as you have said, it is irritating to the core.

  8. priyaiyer


    gradually and painfully learning… 😦

    @iyer edu

    not exactly new, but new to the hard-core corporate world. as i just said to sn, i m learning…


    yep, it is damn irritating. 😦

  9. hmm I think you are right..but not always this is true I guess

  10. priyaiyer


    ya, not always true. i think so too. but for now, i can see butter everywhere.

  11. me

    Fake it in the fake world. Stay true in the true one.

  12. priyaiyer


    hmm… u’re right, i guess.

  13. yummm butter is better and it is my fav

    i like this analogy :))

  14. priyaiyer


    i love it too. 🙂 i mean the butter which is eaten. 😐


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