“Ms. Bajaj, who asked you to cover this story?”

“Sir, I thought it would make a good cover story. So I……..”

Sheetal’s explanation was interrupted by a loud hiss – ‘Can’t you ever follow instructions, Ms. Bajaj? We don’t do such stories. You know we are already pressed for time.”

“But sir…”

“Ms. Bajaj, for once, use your brains. You wasted precious time for THIS? For this piece of crap? And you have marked a CC to Mr. Rangarajan as well. God, what am I ever going to do with you?”

Almost in tears, Sheetal was cursing the moment she got the offer to work as correspondent for this magazine a month ago. Fresh out of her journalism course, she had taken up the offer earnestly. But then, her life had become hell. Arguments with her boss, Mr. Diwan – the Managing Editor, had become a part of her workdays now, and there hadn’t been a single day she hadn’t gone home feeling depressed. She knew she had potential. Then why was she being treated this way?

How had this happened? When she had appeared for the interview, Mr. Diwan had been sweet-sounding and smiling. How had he become such a ferocious monster who found fault with every little thing she did? Why? She could not figure out. To top it all, she had been stupid enough to send a copy of the article to Mr. Rangarajan, the Editor-in-Chief. What would happen now?

Little did she know that Mr. Rangarajan was reading the very same article at the very same moment and was saying to his secretary, “Lily, this girl has stuff in her. Just see how diplomatically she has covered this issue. She’ll soon be famous – mark my words. That’s what I have been saying to Mr. Diwan as well. She’s got it in her.” Had she known that, she would have known the answer to the question in her head – Why?

PS: For this week’s prompt over at Writer’s Island – Ferocious


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9 responses to “Currents

  1. sometimes it does take a bold step to be heard, it even takes a couple of failures, when it comes to corporate world success is not always easy, but the best thing is that it is not impossible, there is always someone watching, someone reading, and someone sensible. Patience does help a lot in such cases

  2. Veens

    Great usage of the prompt!

    and well wow! this is exactly what happens in corporate world too.

    I hope she figures out that she is too good for her boss 🙂

  3. I suppose maturity is the experience that tells us when to act and when not to . It also helps us to recognise the actions of others as much as to guide us into our own .

    Nice take on the prompt .

  4. swat

    Hello! Long time!! Really well- written with perfect timing 🙂

  5. priyaiyer


    yep, there is someone watching, someone sensible, almost always. patience is the key. i agree.


    thnks. i hope so too. 🙂


    hi! welcome here! 🙂

    yep, with maturity comes awareness of whose comments and criticism you should allow to affect you and whose you should never.


    hey! welcome back! hope your trip was good. 🙂

    thanks. what perfect timing?? :O

  6. Good one 🙂 There are times when CCing your boss is good 😉

  7. priyaiyer


    thanks. yep, there are times when marking a CC is good for you. 🙂

  8. real life experience?!

  9. priyaiyer


    maybe yes, maybe no! 😛

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