The conversations between them have now become restricted only to phone calls – roughly four times a year – once on her birthday, once on his, once on the eve of Deepavali, and once on the occasion of New Year. The words exchanged remain almost the same every time.


“Happy birthday. Many, many happy returns of the day.”

“Thanks. You remembered?” He can hear the extra softness in her voice as she asks.


“Of course. How can I forget?” His voice drops a few octaves with this, not escaping her notice


She smiles, and he hears it at the other end. There is a pause, as both wait for the other to speak.



“How are you doing?” That softness is there in her tone again, and something catches in his throat.

“I am fine. How are you?” He clears his throat and asks enthusiastically.


The conversation then moves on to the happenings in their lives and their families. “Nothing new as such. Life’s going on. Everyone’s doing fine.” – and variations of the same words are exchanged back and forth in every conversation.


It ends the same way every time too.

“Do visit us whenever you come to India next time,” she says.

“Of course, I will. Ok, then?”

“Bye. Keep in touch.”

“Bye. Take care.” Again, a drop in his tone at those last words, and his voice has a wistful quality to it.


Once again, they stand on the two opposite edges of a bridge, a bridge created consciously. A bridge constructed because it had to be there, because it was expected that it be there. A bridge that can be crossed in a moment, but which they choose not to. The unspoken words between them remain – once again – just that, unspoken words.



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27 responses to “Bonds

  1. Nicely written…Had a nice touch to the story…

  2. //A bridge constructed because it had to be there, because it was expected that it be there.//

    That’s touching. A fine post, Priya. Keep them coming.


  3. That was sweet. But the title says Bonds and they converse only 4 times a year ??


  4. priyaiyer


    thanks! welcome to UP! 🙂


    thanQ! 😀


    welcome to UP!

    i had in mind a couple who love each other deeply, but have constructed a bridge between themselves on account of circumstances. hence the title ‘bonds’. though apparently there is a vast bridge between them, they are deeply connected.

  5. Was here a long time back…Just felt like commenting on this one..:)
    Keep writing…:)

  6. Kavitha

    Hi Priya,

    That was a fine story. There was this “deeply buried” emotional feeling in it!

  7. one thing which I liked a lot was the beginning of the sentence with “once again” says many a things without making it explicit..nicely done

  8. Priya,
    I was just wondering that’s all…was this a work of fiction or is it a someone’s story ??


  9. Alright, I take that comment back, I didnt see the following lines

    >> A place for everything close to my heart – self-written and sourced



  10. priyaiyer


    in that case, welcome to the comments section. 😀


    thanks a lot! 🙂


    thanks. 🙂


    this was a piece of fiction. 🙂

  11. Liked this one 🙂

  12. priyaiyer


    thanq, madam! 🙂

  13. as always a nice touching piece.. you are really good at this.. keep them coming… 🙂

  14. priyaiyer


    thanks! 🙂

  15. do u knw… that we unconsciously or consciously make them …bridges with so many people we have known so closely… or for the sake of nothing!

    it was a brilliant one… more so… coz i felt like the people in the posts.. 🙂

  16. priyaiyer


    yes, i know. and thats sad. 😦

    thankings, lady, for the words of encouragement! 🙂

  17. priyaiyer


    thanku! 😛

  18. priyaiyer


    er, what is true, very true?? :O

  19. The river but moves on;
    Gurgling, from nowhere to nowhere…
    Some leaves, flowing with the current
    Wet…the rain? the water? the tears?
    And some wood left behind…dead wood
    Making bridges
    Spanning infinite distances
    Standing still, a tribute.

  20. priyaiyer


    wow! ur creation?

  21. Yes. Definitely inspired, though 😉

  22. priyaiyer



  23. Apt title for this post… “Bonds” indeed… even though we may consciously choose to pretend that we have “broken apart”… yet the “ties” always remain there…

    Very touching…

  24. priyaiyer


    welcome to UP! thanks! 🙂

    glad u liked it…

  25. shweta

    its really laudable…
    u write in a beautiful way wid so soft expression…

    keep it up!!

    hey shweta! welcome to UP! thanks for the comment… it is guys like you who keep me going.. 🙂

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