Faithful am I to my belief,

Steadfastly I hold on,


I await

That spark of realization

In your eyes,


Rationality makes a mockery

Of this faith of mine,

But something in me tells me

Something in you

Will awaken,



It might not be for long,

I might not be around,

But I trust that hand of balance,

A split second, just a word,

A sudden jolt,

And you will feel my feeling.


PS: For this week’s prompt at Writer’s Island – ‘Faithful’


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11 responses to “Faithful

  1. Thats really moving. Deep portrayal of emotions.

  2. True. Rationality doesn’t understand the emotions. Good one.
    By the way, I am back on my blog page, finally. 🙂 FYI.

  3. As I was saying the other day..I like the way the poem shifts gear, rushes up towards the end and then followed by the sudden halt.

  4. priyaiyer


    danke! 🙂


    thanks. will check out for sure. 🙂


    what shifting of gears? what rushing up and what halt? i didn’t see anything.. 😦 i saw it as a normal poem – free verse. care to explain?

  5. Girl, I like this one for reason many.

  6. me

    Just like i am feeling yours today
    Tears flowing into rivers,
    Drowning me,
    It will not be for long,
    I will not be around.

    Awesome… Simple, yet touching…

  7. priyaiyer


    thankings, girlie! 🙂


    wow! that was beautiful…

  8. priyaiyer


    chhhhhhho chweeeeeeeeet! will check out! 🙂

  9. priyaiyer



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